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Ileana Márquez caused alarm among her fans due to a superstition

Ileana Márquez, Miss Venezuela 2023, distressed her followers by posing next to a piano at a recent event she attended. Although the beauty queen was confused by the negative reaction that her image generated, social media users explained to her that it all has to do with an old superstition.

“After completing the activity, my dear Sakra Guerrero (Miss International Venezuela 2023) tells me: 'We are going to create content for all our people, who always want to see us, who always want to see our outings, who want to see us with our crowns … You love it when they put our crowns on us,” the 28-year-old model said in her Instagram stories.

"I mounted the photo next to a piano and they came out without lying to it, without lying to it, like 20 people telling me: 'Stay away from the piano,' and I don't know why I have to stay away from the piano," Márquez, who He asked his followers to explain the reason for this reaction.

Screenshot: Instagram @ileanamarquezpedroza

Bad luck

“It's bad luck, because you'll end up in the MU (Miss Universe)”; “I don't know if it's the same, but in the Miss Universe parade they say that whoever approaches or plays the piano does not win”; “There is a saying that the worst enemy of a Miss Venezuela is a piano” and “Movement for a Venezuela without a piano, hahahaha,” some followers explained to her, as highlighted in the aforementioned social network.

Another Internet user pointed out that this belief comes from Miss Universe in which Marelisa Gibson participated, “who danced around a piano in 2010 and got stuck.”

"Oh no. Burned the photo of the piano immediately,” wrote the mannequin, who describes herself as “very superstitious,” in one of the shared screenshots.

Break “the curse”

However, there were also those who downplayed the matter, highlighting that María Gabriela Isler took a photo with a piano in 2012 and won. “So you too can break the curse,” she commented.

It should be noted that in 1981, Irene Sáez Conde walked on a piano in her gala dress parade, just as the rest of the semifinalists did that year. Beyond the discomfort of walking in heels on such a slippery surface, she had no problems and became the second Venezuelan Miss Universe that night.

Screenshot: Instagram @ileanamarquezpedroza

The first

Ileana Márquez, who made history by becoming the first mother to be crowned Miss Venezuela, commented after all this: “I can only tell you that if you have more stories like the one about the piano, please let me know before… How horrible !”, he commented.

Regarding the event in which he posed next to a piano, Márquez pointed out that it was a beauty convention that took place last Saturday, May 25. She and Sakra Guerrero were invited to attend, as Miss International Venezuela and Miss Venezuela, respectively.

“First of all I want to thank each of the people who accompanied us at the Gran Meliá Caracas hotel in this Beauty Convention, with all our professionals, who gave an incredible exhibition, and for those messages of love and support that everyone gave us to the take the photographs. "You don't know what that means to us, that you, although you don't know us in person (...), have that full confidence that we can do a great job in our respective contests," he noted.

Will compete in Mexico

It should be remembered that Ileana Márquez represented the state of Amazonas in Miss Venezuela 2023, where she was the winner. The gala was held last December 7 on the terrace of the Shopping Center Líder. Her victory gave her the right to represent the country in Miss Universe 2024, which will take place in Mexico.

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