Gustavo Pierral grows up in the mornings

A lot of good vibes have characterized the style of Gustavo Pierral for almost five decades, who maintains his radio space through the Éxitos Circuit from Monday to Friday. Starting this Monday, January 18, he will be in contact with his faithful audience for two hours a day, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

“For me radio is life and it is like breathing. They are almost five decades at the helm of radio and television. I have a special taste for radio, because it is a direct contact from you to you, it allows closeness. Saying 'good morning' to my 'like-friends' makes me very happy ", highlights the animator, host and producer, regarding his space on the 99.9 FM dial from Caracas.

“The morning program will now be two hours long and it will have a bit of everything. I will have more time to develop the sections of the cultural area, technology, sports information, current affairs and good music, but above all enthusiasm, so necessary at this time "Gustavo adds with his characteristic optimism.  "I am very grateful for the confidence that advertisers have had," he adds.

Since he was a child he was a great admirer of the figure of Renny Ottolina and precisely Renny offered him to work on television as office boy, while Gustavo - barely 14 years old - was a high school student. 

They are almost five decades with an impeccable track record. Gustavo Pierral made his debut as an announcer on Radio Capital by the hand of Oswaldo Yepes. His experience in the media includes his time on VTV ('Disco fever', 'Fiebre en el 8') and RCTV ('Long live the youth', 'De gala', 'Hello youth'). He was the host of stellar spaces both in Kys FM ('Hit parade') for a decade, as in FM Center (two decades) and now in Circuito Éxitos de Unión Radio.

His morning show infuses mornings with good energy with his signature greetings: "So, youth!" and "Thanks for existing."

Support for national talent, through different generations, has also been present throughout his career, endorsed by the National Journalism Award, among other recognitions. His original style, respect for the audience, citizenship and love for family, are part of his personal stamp.

Gustavo Pierral maintains contact with his loyal followers, through his twitter account @gustavopierral and instagram @gustavopierraloficial. He will soon announce his return to Venezuelan television.