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Gustavo Dudamel was honored by Harvard University

Gustavo Dudamel was recognized with the honorary title of Doctor of Music by the prestigious Harvard University. The Venezuelan conductor was very excited about the distinction, received just a few days before the start of the European tour that he will carry out with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

“Receiving an honorary degree from Harvard University excites me deeply. As a child in Barquisimeto, I could not have imagined that one day I would be recognized by this extraordinary institution,” Dudamel shared on Instagram about his doctorate from the university in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA).

"The biggest present"

The 43-year-old musician took advantage of the news to point out the importance of being able to train academically in life.

“Education is perhaps the greatest gift we can give. Throughout my life, it has helped me establish my sense of identity, both as an individual and as a member of a global community. When the challenges of the world begin to overwhelm us, I believe that the best way to persevere is to approach each other with curiosity, with empathy and with the desire to learn,” she highlighted.

For the man from Barquisim, it is only through knowledge and understanding that “we will be able to heal, inspire and guide the world towards a more compassionate future.”

Other acknowledgments

Gustavo Dudamel, who in 2009 was featured on Time magazine's list of the most influential people, has received recognitions such as the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts of Spain (2020), the Konex Foundation Classical Music Award (2019 ) and the Distinguished Artist Award from the International Society for the Performing Arts (2019).

He also has honorary doctorates from the Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado in his hometown, the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and the Colburn School (United States). In addition to that, Dudamel was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In charge of the musical and artistic direction of the Los Angeles Philharmonic (LA Phil) since September 2009, the maestro from Lara is preparing to take over as musical and artistic director of the New York Philharmonic in the 2025-2026 season.

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