Guillermo Carrasco "Music changed"

Guillermo Carrasco did not think much about it when Cheo Pardo, a former member of Amigos Invisibles and now a prominent music producer, proposed the idea not only of rescuing some of his classics but of having control over them.

And is that he was one of many Venezuelan singer-songwriters whose record work was trapped in limbo when the Venezuelan music industry stopped producing.

And that chance had not presented itself until Pardo knocked on his door. They did brainstorming sessions; an inventory to see which would be those songs that, perfectly, could work in these times and which could be adapted to the sounds that the new generations would like. And to Pardo. The first single was, then, Soy tuyo, included in the 1990 Visual album.

When Pardo made the announcement at his Friday lives, many people asked him why he didn't make an unprecedented one, as happened with Yordano.

He has the idea of ​​rescuing many of those 80-90 productions that he grew up with. One day he proposed to me to do the project, but it wasn't just about this single but about the entire album. We started out very excited, but we ran out of money. Making a record is very expensive and in current market conditions, more so. Besides, the idea was to regain control over the songs, so they had to be remastered, voiced ... Anyway, create them again. So we started by releasing singles. Hopefully it will come soon.

Do you think the music industry had been in a tailspin since before the pandemic?

With the evolution of digital music, it has undoubtedly been affected. Now it's easier to get what you want from your favorite artist without buying the entire album. What's left Adapt to that reality and keep working. The Pattern that Cheo created to rescue all that music is a very important idea because thanks to this type of initiative it is possible to do many things. Musically there has also been a change in public taste. Adapting to all that is the important thing.

Although he has done almost everything, is he not encouraged by the urban?

No one is old enough for certain things (laughs).

Are you planning to digitally release unreleased tracks?

Fortunately I have never stopped composing. I have songs to make, not one, but a few records. I'll have a chance to launch them.


Carrasco has a career that exceeds five decades. Its beginnings were with the Syma group. Then he was in others until he reached Tinajas, with which, with the theme Ties of friendship, his name was consolidated. In 1976 his first solo work came out, bearing his name. One at a Time (2003) was his last solo studio album. The following year, he joined another important Venezuelan interpreter, Pedro Castillo, with whom, to date, he has made recordings together. This was a pleasure (2006) Now or never (2010) and Immense minority (2012). A little-known facet of Guillermo Carrasco is his unionist side. For four years he was president of the Society of Authors and Composers of Venezuela (Sacven).

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