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Gaby Spanic would like to jump from TV to cinema

The Venezuelan actress said that she dreams of producing a film about her life

Gaby Spanic believes that it is time to get away from television. The Venezuelan actress said, in a TV show, that she would like to try her luck in other spaces. On the one hand, she mentioned the desire to do a project about cooking for a digital platform and, on the other, that she would love to tell her life in a film.

“I want to make the movie of my life and produce it myself. I want to tell the truth, with evidence, because many people have called me things that I am not. “I have been a victim, I would not be a victim,” Spanic said in an interview with Kerly Ruiz for “Siéntese qué puede.”

"My life has not been easy. They also picked on my son and made fun of poisoning. They said it was a lie. They didn't care about a 2 year old. I said that if they wanted to see us dead so that they would believe me,” she added in the conversation with the Venezuelan entertainer.

Without holding anything back, the eternal Paola Bracho from “La usurpadora” commented that on television she has had to remain silent. "I have never gone up to an executive's office to speak ill of anyone or order someone to be vetoed, or tell lies, trip up people... I have been incapable of doing those things, but they have done it with me."

Team up

Gaby Spanic took the opportunity to highlight that her son Gabriel de Jesús, 15, is proud of her and that they have managed to form a great team.

“I talk to him openly. I speak to you with the truth. My son is brave, generous, chivalrous, he is always looking out for me... We watch movies together. “He wants to be a film director and he writes spectacularly,” said the proud mother. As you may remember, Gabriel is the result of her relationship with fellow Venezuelan Neil Pérez.

En este sentido, "The usurper" He dropped the pledge of what he wants to do with his son in film. “I would love to work with my son. Let him be the assistant director, because I would love to direct it, not act in it. A synopsis has already been made and it will be a long film. From childhood until now, because there are things that have not come to light.”

The famous Venezuelan also said that nothing will stop her from her goal, not even the fact of being in danger if secret stories come to light. “I'm selling my houses, I want to leave because when that movie comes out I don't know if I can go out because I could wake up with flies.”

This statement comes after confessing that there are very hard things in his environment that involve very powerful people. “Before the world they are gentlemen and ladies. They are untouchable and they are enea (terrible).”

"He saved me"

In an extensive and deep question and answer dynamic, Gaby Spanic emphasized that she decided to tell everything to honor and glorify Jesus Christ, because she is a Christian. “He saved me and has a purpose in life with me. Many miracles have occurred that I want to tell.”

The 50-year-old actress is sure that she wants to say goodbye to television with that film, helping people, helping animals, poor people, giving a voice to so many who don't have one.

“A beautiful purpose, I want to do it… If I were a billionaire I would rescue all the animals that are on the street, the children, the elderly. I would put up buildings, I would give them health, everything. There really are apathetic people, animal abuse is strong.”

It is not the first time that the former beauty queen uses her voice to spread actions to prevent animal abuse.

“That's why I don't eat meat, chicken, or fish... I don't eat anything with blood. I help houses that rescue animals. Whoever harms an animal is a bad person. “I love animals more than human beings,” he concluded.

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