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Long live the bride and groom! Evaluna and Camilo will say "Yes, I want" again

Ricardo Montaner and his wife will also renew their vows

The singers Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna Montaner will marry again. The famous couple will renew their "I do" vows in an intimate ceremony in India. The information was revealed in the reality show "The Montaners" that follows each step of the family and that broadcasts Disney +.

"We had agreed that Camilo and Evaluna wanted to renew their vows in India, so we can all get married," said Marlene Rodríguez, Evaluna's mother, on the program.

The news comes after rumors about a possible separation between the daughter of Ricardo Montaner and the Colombian singer. Montaner denied that there were problems between the interpreter of "Expensive clothes" and Indigo's mom.

«People without a job are dedicated to inventing stories that only exist in the imagination of the lazy… An invented headline is enough to cause cataracts of dirt. Happiness is unforgivable… », the artist wrote on his Twitter account.

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Evaluna, for her part, broke the silence and dispelled the rumors of a marital crisis with a message on Instagram, with which she took the opportunity to welcome 2023.

“This year will definitely be one that I will remember forever. Everything that was does not fit in a single post. God gave me the privilege of being Indigo's mom. I gave birth at home as I dreamed without anesthesia and with Camilo and my family breathing and living each contraction with me. After giving birth I got mad at my body for looking so different. Until I loved him again and I thank him for everything he is capable of doing. I turned 25 and am where I want to be," he wrote.

First "I do"

It is worth remembering that it was in 2018 when Camilo proposed to Evaluna in a movie theater in front of all his friends and family. On February 8, 2020, they finally joined their lives in a wedding in style.

One of the surprises of the ceremony was when Camilo surprised Evaluna with a song that he composed especially for their wedding.

multiple ceremony

Ricardo Montaner took advantage of the moment to ask his wife for marriage again and she, without thinking twice, accepted.

«I wanted to take the opportunity to ask my wife for marriage again. Let's see if she wants to marry me again. Just like that first time or even more beautiful. I couldn't buy you a ring, but I bought you a medal," said the interpreter of "So in love".

To the surprise, Mau Montaner and his wife Sara Escobar, who will be married for five years, also decided to join in the vow renewal.

It is clear that for the Montaner family it is not necessary to wait until they have been married twenty or fifty years to reaffirm their love through a symbolic ceremony.

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