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Eva Longoria returns to TV with 'Land of Women'

Eva Longoria returns to the small screen as executive producer and star of 'Land of Women', an Apple TV+ series that allowed her to reconnect with her roots and that challenged her to act in Spanish, EFE highlighted. The fiction debuts this June 26 on the aforementioned platform,

The last time Longoria had played a leading role in a television project was in 2015 in the series 'Telenovela'. Before that, the 49-year-old Texas-born actress had achieved worldwide fame for her role as Gabrielle Solis on 'Desperate Housewives' (2004-2012).

After her end, the businesswoman also had sporadic appearances on television, focused her career on film and progressively became more and more involved in directing and production issues with her company UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, responsible for films such as 'John Wick' or series such as ' Grand Hotel'.

To know the country

After spending time in Spain and becoming fascinated with its culture, Longoria asked screenwriter Ramón Campos to write her a role so she could spend time in the country.

This is how the character of Gala was born, a woman who is going through a crisis when she is forced to abandon her life as a wife and New York socialite to flee to her mother's (played by Carmen Maura) wine-growing town in Spain.

“Gala is the complete opposite of me, she is living in the shadow of her husband, she does not have relationships with her mother or her daughter, she does not have an important job, she is lost in life,” says Longoria, who in 2023 produced and directed his first fiction feature film, 'Flamin' Hot', and who is currently involved in at least ten more projects.

What both her character and she do have in common is that they both had to face the Spanish and discover a country where their ancestors came from.

Courtesy Apple TV+

“My ancestors are from Asturias,” says Longoria, who also has Mexican roots and who for this series had Carmen Maura, who is Julia in the series, as her Spanish “teacher.”

Union of three generations

“Carmen Maura is a legend. He was very nervous about acting with her in Spanish and doing comedy; The first scene was shaking, she is very nice and friendly and she helped me a lot with my Spanish,” says the actress.

In the fiction based on the book 'Land of Women', by María Sánchez, Julia is an older woman who, after returning to the place where she grew up, relives her past as a free young woman who was judged for being too open, while fighting against dementia, which progressively takes away his memories.

In addition to having to face work in the fields and trying to keep her family afloat, Gala will have to rebuild her relationship with her mother and her daughter Kate, a trans teenager played by Victoria Bazua.

Victoria Bazúa, Eva Longoria and Carmen Maura. Courtesy Apple TV+

“We wanted to tell the story of these three generations, in some way differentiate them and show that the world and Spain are not the same as 50 years ago,” Gema R. Neira, co-creator and screenwriter of the series, tells EFE.

The work of local women

'Land of Women' also shows the work that local women carry out as directors of the wine cooperative in which the story takes place: “a place led by women since the Spanish Civil War, when the men left to fight,” describes Apple TV+ in its production notes.

“As the novel is set in a small town in Catalonia, we knew that we had to tell that part of Spain with its language (Catalan), its cultural expressions and its traditions, and from there we began to build the story of our characters with that background.” says Ramón Campos, another of the series' creators, who had already worked with Longoria on 'Grand Hotel'.

Although 'Land of Women' has been presented as a limited series, the plot remains open for a second season, but in case that does not happen, the plans that Longoria has in Spain are not restricted to this project.

“Now I am doing a program for CNN about Spanish food like I did in Mexico and I am traveling throughout Spain and getting to know it more, I am in love with Spain,” she concludes.

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