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“Orion” by Elena Rose is a trend in Panama

The song was a collaboration he did with the Panamanian Boza

Elena Rose boasted that her recent single “Orión” occupies first place in musical trends in Panama. Nothing crazy, since the song was a collaboration that she did with the Panamanian Boza. 

“Orion” was produced by Faster, Daramola, Izy and Bassto. The song is a mix of reggaeton, afrobeats and salsa.

“I loved waking up to the news that 'Orion' is number one in the trends in Panama. How cool,” Rose said in one of her Instagram stories.

“I think I have to travel there. A trip to Caracas... people tell me that summer is over. Summer began because 'Orion' arrived,” the artist then added in the story.

Love and heartbreak

Six days after its debut, the song has more than 384 thousand views on YouTube and more than 20 thousand likes. "Orion" It is a story of love, desire and heartbreak.

As for the video, which stars the singers, it exposes the Caribbean vibe and the chemistry of Elena and Boza while they are at a party in Panama. The artists' work is characterized by tropical rhythms and is part of Boza's new self-titled EP. 

As expected, followers expressed support for the issue. “Elena is the next Latina to take over the world. What great talent and creativity”; “I don't know how many times I've heard the song since I discovered it. Venezuelan pride with Elena Rose. A very catchy lyric without being vulgar or explicit”; “A song that is enjoyed from beginning to end. With lyrics that even talk about emotional responsibility without having to talk about sex, use vulgar vocabulary or stigmatize the female gender!!! Click! Click! I play it over and over again!” are some of the comments that can be read.

Latin women

Another thing that makes Elena Rose happy is her upcoming performance at the second edition of the Billboard Latin Women in Music, which will be held on June 9.

The gala recognizes female Latin artists who work to generate positive changes, inclusion and gender equality in the music industry and will be broadcast on the Telemundo signal.

“Celebrating our strength… nothing makes me happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This end we sing. "You can't miss it," she wrote in a recent publication on the camera's social network along with a video and a photo of one of the women who inspire her: Celia Cruz

“One of them was Celia Cruz. In fact, I just got a tattoo for her. She says 'sugar'. She impacted me a lot since she was a little girl. I couldn't understand why when she was younger, but now I understand that she was always so powerful and she opened so many doors and had such a strong soul and was so passionate about what she did. It was more than music to her. That’s what a real woman is,” the performer told Billboard in 2023.

"I am too happy. How delicious to celebrate us. We are the most beautiful thing in this world. You can't miss it, Billboard this weekend. How nice to celebrate women and have a great time,” added the composer in another of her stories.

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