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El Potro and Jorge Celedón celebrate love with vallenatón

"One Hundred Years More" is the name of the single in common

When Antonio “El Potro” Álvarez called his friend Jorge Celedón to record a duet, the Colombian did not believe what was coming.

It's not about not having confidence but that, with the Venezuelan's urban music roots, the world turned a little upside down for the interpreter of “How Beautiful This Life,” given that he is not used to “twerking.” nor the more radical style that Álvarez has in his songs.

However, they achieved the middle ground thanks to “One Hundred Years More”, a vallenatón that Wise “The Gold Pen” made them and that will be included in the new musical project that the former baseball player plans to launch on the market in 2024.

The idea of ​​recording together, as they said on the occasion of the release of the single and a showcase to show it, was Potro's own. “We are two brother countries that, due to customs and what we feel, are based on love. That's why I thought of my friend to record it. When I presented the topic to the teacher, it was my comadre, his wife, who first believed in him. 'Don't let the issue harm you. "Don't blackmail me," she told me.

The lyrics, according to them, were fundamental for this meeting, since it explores “how those couples who spend a lifetime together do. Those secrets they have to achieve courage, understanding, loyalty, mutual respect and how they managed to consolidate them.”

In this search, the video clip was fundamental, since in the audiovisual those who participate are, really, couples in their daily lives. “They are real couples and we brought them together to do a live, free concert that we wanted to give to more than two thousand people. All to show that love is the driving force of everything. With this song we celebrate eternal love, but also that which is full of values ​​and that allows us to maintain a relationship for so many years.”

Álvarez also recognized that this single helped him explore another facet of urban music that he did not know, since in his previous songs the lyrics were much more direct. “I hadn't gotten much into my previous songs with the love theme, but the time came. And the moment was with Celedón.”

The Colombian, for his part, said that when “El Potro” called him he thought it was because “someone needs me to say 'oh man!'. I feel grateful to enter his musical genre, like this, in this way. Therefore, I treated him with a lot of respect. “I felt very protected and confident because they (Álvarez and Wise) guided me,” he said.

They announced that, by 2024, “we are going to go on tour not only with my friend but with other brothers. We believe that by working together Venezuela will move forward. The artistic goes above any other situation we are going through,” said Álvarez.

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