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Carlos Guillermo Haydon and Eileen Abad celebrate their son

The actors Eileen Abad and Carlos Guillermo Haydon are excited to the core. The reason? The Catholic confirmation of their common son, Christopher Haydon, in a religious ritual that was celebrated yesterday, June 5.

This was announced by the former couple via social networks, where they even posed together and included the now influencer's daughter in the photo, the result of his relationship with Roxana Díaz.

“In blue my little darling 💙confirming and reaffirming the baptismal grace, receive the special gifts of the Holy Spirit. And we accompany him as a family,” expressed the happy mother in a post that she shared on social networks.

Eileen provided details of the event and the words of the bishop who officiated the ceremony, which explained free will and the consequences of the decisions made.

“Ps: I, like every mother inflated with pride, understanding the value of every moment of happiness in my son's face, remembered between joy and nostalgia that recently in the same church, it was his first communion and it barely reached my chest . Today, at his confirmation, I reach for him with heels 😁 and soon, I will have to tilt my head to look at him 😍 That's how fast life goes, and the most beautiful thing is to transmit to my son what I learned from my parents, who “The most beautiful thing in life is to bring it into communion with God 🙏🏻”, Abad continued.

The father was not left behind

Carlos Guillermo also expressed himself in world 2.0, where he has a community of 486 thousand followers with whom he interacts very frequently.

“This is how we finish the confirmation of my oldest boy @haydonchristopher. Incredible how time flies, super proud of you son, follow that path and I am sure you will be a great Man, Father, Big Brother and you will continue to be a great son, we love you,” said the businessman, who is also a businessman.

In the message that served as a description for the family photo, Haydon added that “for your graduation I am sure that in this photo there will be two more people who love you and love you like your Mom.” @abadeileen and Me❤️❤️❤️❤️”, referring, perhaps, to Roxana Díaz and the little boy she adopted.

The reactions

Eileen Abad's post has, at the close of this edition, 17,3 thousand “likes” and 421 comments, while that of her ex-husband has 31,4 thousand hearts and 858 comments that, for the most part, highlight maturity of parents for sharing despite ending their marriage years ago, while there are couples who are in the news for completely different decisions.

“Patricia and Marjorie left the group 😂😂😂”; “Maturity and respect”; “Beautiful family in good times and bad ❤️ 👏always family”; “A photo that reflects Love, respect for his son, that his happiness will always be the most important thing for you as parents, congratulations, you are doing very well…”; "What a beautiful photo. Your ex-partner's situation with his current partner is not easy. But yes it is possible. I say this because my husband has two ex-wives and I get along well with both of them and their children are my children, we live in harmony and their children love me with a second mother” and “She is an example for Marjorie and Patricia”, were some messages.

But other opinions could also be read, such as that of user nosemeescapanada, who considered that “I wish @abadeileen had the maturity to allow in photos and events @soyroxanadiaz, taking into account that she adores her son” or that of @nanydiazm, who typed that “as a daughter of separated parents, I will always want photos with my parents! The others (their boyfriends or husbands) slip me.”

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