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David Copperfield accused of sexual assault and abuse

16 women point out the American magician in a Guardian investigation

David Copperfield could face justice after being accused by 16 women of sexual assault and abuse. According to the investigation carried out by The Guardian, half of the complainants who pointed out the American magician, whose real name is David Seth Kotkin, were under 18 years old at the time of the alleged attack. Some of them went to court in 2007 and 2018 but they were not believed.

“He has never acted inappropriately with anyone, much less with any minor,” the illusionist's team of lawyers responded to the aforementioned site. And despite the numerous accusations against Copperfield, his lawyers called them “false and totally unfounded.”

The lawyers also refuted any involvement with drugs, and pointed out that they are not part of the magician's lifestyle.


The publication collects the stories that occurred, according to the alleged victims, between the end of the 80s and 2014. In them, many of them gave their real names while others preferred to maintain their anonymity. The victims agreed that David, 67, allegedly promised to help them enter the entertainment industry. They also said that when he gained their trust he would drug them and then sexually assault them.

One of the women who brought forward accusations against David Copperfield was the actress and model Brittney Lewis. She had already done so in 2018, claiming that she drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1988, when she was 17 years old and working as a model. However, at the time, the magician denied the accusations. Another woman told The Guardian that she and a friend of hers were drugged before being abused by the man who was Claudia Schiffer's partner.

On the other hand, one of the recent testimonies shared by the English media was that of Fallon Thornton who claimed that the magician squeezed her chest after calling her on stage, during a performance in January 2024 at the MGM casino in Las Vegas. Although Thornton reported the incident to city police, the charge was dismissed for lack of evidence, police records show. 

Epstein Papers

Last January, the well-known papers of Jeffrey Epstein, accused of running a pedophile ring, came to light. Several famous people were mentioned in some way in conversations among them David Copperfield.

In this sense, the 10 Minutes portal highlighted the testimony of a young woman named Johanna Sjoberg, who said in 2016 that she met Copperfield at the mansion that Epstein had in Palm Beach (Florida). She claimed that there was another minor girl. At that point, David performed several magic tricks on him and asked him if he was aware that “girls get paid to find other girls.”

In 2023, the illusionist announced that he was going to collaborate with the NGO Save the Children but, after the accusations against him, the organization terminated its collaboration. 

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