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Cristina Saralegui: I felt like a crappy person

After 14 years away from the small screen following her dismissal from Univision, Cristina Saralegui told what the end of her program “El Show de Cristina” meant in 2010, highlighted People En Español magazine.

The charismatic presenter, 76 years old, belonged to the ranks of the well-known channel for more than 20 years. The program, hosted and produced by the Cuban, was one of the spaces with the highest ratings on that network.

“The first thing I worried about was about my people. I had about 30 employees who all depended on us, so that worried me enormously. But when what happened to us happens to you, they don't think about the employees, so you are the one who has to tell your employees 'they fired us'. They threw me out; we all left,'” Saralegui recalled in a recent interview with Don Francisco, reported the aforementioned site.

I could not believe it

The presenter, who managed to interview recognized figures from the entertainment industry such as Celia Cruz, Rocío Dúrcal, Camilo Sesto, Julio Iglesias, Isabel Pantoja, Shakira and Thalía, among others, admitted that at that moment she felt very bad.

“I felt like a crappy person. I asked the person who was letting me know, I said 'are you throwing me out?'. Because I couldn't believe it. He told me 'no, no, no, you are going to continue doing specials for the network.' I told him: 'Says who? I'm not going to do any special for this chain. Bye. My husband and I got in the car and we went to a bar, we ordered two martini and we looked at each other's faces and I said 'what happened there? What was that?', because we still haven't been in the bar. "We knew what had happened because we couldn't believe it," he added about the unexpected moment.

In that sense, Cristina recalled that at that time she only had a few years left to retire fairly.

“I was 63 years old, which means that after having given my life to them, I only had two years left to retire with honors, with a nice party, with my employees with me, who were my family; and they didn't even wait those two years to do what they did, which was very ugly,” he asserted.

“Pa'lante with Cristina”

Another point that Don Francisco addressed was the depression that Saralegui suffered. “The depression was not so much due to ego issues or issues of not being on a television show, it was because I have been working since I was 16 years old and I was not sitting at home with nothing to do,” he expressed.

In this sense, Cristina also pointed out that she managed to get out of the process with work. In 2011 she debuted with the Telemundo network with the program “Pa'lante con Cristina”.

“Telemundo called me, which was the other network. I am so loyal that I would never have gone to work for anyone else other than my network...I went to Telemundo and the program lasted 1 year. Do you want me to tell you why it lasted 1 year? Because I couldn't find myself, I felt like a woman who hits her husband,” she confessed.

Journalist and writer

During the interview, Cristina Saralegui also took the opportunity to highlight that she always wanted to be a journalist and writer.

“I always wanted to be a writer. My first book was 'Confidence of a Blonde', but I'm not blonde, she said, laughing. “And another one titled 'Pa lante con Cristina',” she commented.

And he added: “My entire family was in the magazine business in Cuba. They called my grandfather 'The Paper Tsar' because he imported paper to make newspaper every day. “It’s the only thing I grew up watching.”

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