Contestant who assaulted Mrs Sri Lanka World winner arrested

The legitimate winner retaken her title. Photo: @pushpika_desilva

The Sri Lankan police recently arrested the current queen of the Mrs World beauty pageant, Caroline Jurie, and a former model for assaulting the winner of the Mrs Sri Lanka World 2021 pageant in the middle of the coronation ceremony, the Spanish portal reported 20 minutes.

Undoubtedly one of the main characteristics of beauty pageants is the illusion that hundreds of women have of positioning themselves as the star of the evening, celebrating their charm, charisma and perseverance, therefore, it is inevitable that the joy when the crown passes into the hands of a favorite candidate. However, envy is not a factor alien to this reality either, which brings out the worst of the spirit of the competition.

During the gala, Jurie alleged that the Sri Lankan Pushpika De Silva was divorced and therefore did not comply with the regulations of the Mrs Sri Lanka World contest, which requires the participants to be married, therefore, he proceeded to strip her of her title on stage in full view of the attendees and invited media.

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