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Chenzo Di Marzo made “Violeta” an artistic experience

Fashion, music and creativity, together with the designer Rojas, raised their proposal

Singer Chenzo Di Marzo made his official debut an artistic experience. Combining fashion, art and music, Yordano's nephew and son of the late Evio Di Marzo released some songs from his first album. Of course, he did it with the creative freedom that characterizes the lyrics of his songs and from the hand of the designer Rojas. Together they made an effort to leave a mark in an event held this Thursday, August 4.

The chosen location, typical of the relaxed and bohemian atmosphere that characterized the aesthetics of the project, was the Impact Hub Caracas, in the Parque Ávila tower. There family, friends and journalists were captivated by chords, colors and textures.

Welcome fairies, interaction with the design and color of one of the garments, direct access to the artists, everything was served as something palpable and sensory. In fact, Rojas already warned at the entrance of the venue that more than a musical debut, it was an artistic movement inspired by the music of Chenzo Di Marzo. So it was.

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