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Céline Dion tells what it's like to have rigid person syndrome in documentary

The project will present in detail the singer's life since the diagnosis

It's almost time for the public to enjoy the new documentary “I Am: Céline Dion”, which will premiere on Prime Video on June 25. The biopic has generated great expectations since it was announced and on May 23 the first trailer premiered.

The long-awaited series will show how the famous singer has lived after the diagnosis and treatment of rigid person syndrome.

“She's ready now. I Am Céline Dion, a new documentary, premieres on Prime Video on June 25,” Prime Video shared in a post on Instagram.

The preview shows the interpreter of "My heart Will Go On" in several of his presentations and archive images while hearing that music drives his life. In the more than two-minute trailer, Celine talks about stiff person syndrome, a rare neurological disease that so far has no cure and attacks the muscles, Variety highlighted.

“It has been a struggle”

The audiovisual tells the great struggle that the iconic superstar has had to face due to an illness that, in 2022, changed his life. In the middle of her story, the Canadian artist does not hide her feelings and begins to cry as she relives the health problem she has faced.

“It's not difficult to put on a show, you know? It's hard to cancel a show. I'm working hard every day. But I have to admit that I miss him so much. I miss people. If I can't run, I will walk. If I can't walk, I'll crawl. “I won’t stop,” the singer begins to say in the trailer.

Just hours after the premiere of the trailer for “I Am: Céline Dion,” it has more than 10 views on YouTube and more than a thousand likes.

“Awaken awareness”

The documentary is directed by Irene Taylor, who in 2009 was nominated for an Oscar for a short documentary called “The Final Inch” where she talked about polio vaccination.

“These last couple of years have been an enormous challenge for me, the journey from discovering my medical condition to learning how to live with it and manage it, but one that I will not allow it to define me,” Céline Dion said in a statement about the project. .

And he added: “As I continue on the path to resuming my career on stage, I have realized how much I have missed being able to see my followers. During my absence, I decided that I wanted to document this part of my life, try to raise awareness about this little-known condition and thus be able to help others who share my diagnosis.”

The last time Céline Dion took to the stage was in July 2019 in Hyde Park, London. With the covid-19 pandemic, when she had plans for her European tour “Courage Tour”, everything came to a halt.

Once the confinement was over, he scheduled new shows in the United States, which was going to take place between November 2021 and February 2022. But shortly before, in October 2021, the singing star canceled it.

“My heart breaks with this. I feel terrible for letting you down, and I'm especially sorry for letting down so many fans who had made plans to come to Las Vegas. Now I have to focus on feeling better, I want to get through this as soon as possible,” he reported at the time in a statement.

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