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Carolina Sandoval and her husband renewed their wedding vows

The happy couple said "I do" in an ecclesiastical ceremony in Madrid

Carolina Sandoval and her husband Nick Hernández renewed their wedding vows in Madrid, Spain. They did it, mainly, because they believe in love and their commitment after nine years of relationship.

The happy couple said “I do” in an intimate ceremony attended by friends and loved ones.

“When you see this video we will have already renewed our wedding vows in this city that we love so much. First time that a bride (me) is walking to the church where that is going to happen,” Sandoval said in a video posted on Instagram.

In the shared clip, the journalist showed the accomplices who accompanied her on that special day. “My vitamin girl, my cousin and a little bit of people we have selected to share such a beautiful moment,” she said during her walk.

For those who don't know, the Venezuelan couple got married civilly in 2015 after several years of dating.

In the midst of gossip

It is worth remembering that, days ago, the presenter of the program “Siéntese qué puede” denied the rumors of an alleged financial crisis and divorce. “I am not in this life to be doing what someone wants me to do but to do what I like.”

Happy and proud, Carolina Sandoval highlighted in another post that love is everything and that God does not make mistakes.

“At this stage of my life I want accomplices, not cheerleaders as @danielhabif says… and that is why I want to thank this very private group of beautiful people, thank you for sharing something so beautiful, for letting me be the one to share it.” Share first, what a beauty that all your photos and videos are in memory. I thank you for your way of loving me and your friendship, you came to join @nickhernandezve and @mipedacitodeluz in something so important to us. They are loved!!!” he wrote.


The couple received congratulations from personalities such as Viviana Gibelli. "Congratulations dear. May love and communication always be with you. I hug you tight,” she left on IG. Caterina Valentino and the program 'Siéntese who can' also gave him comments full of love.

Likewise, there was no shortage of negative and disapproving comments that accused the entertainer of being a showbiz.

“She did this to silence all the chaos that she has applauded on the networks. The pieces that she says are the most important thing to her are not there, her mother, her daughter and her sister. You can see that everything is set up”; “Some improvised vows that neither the mother nor the daughter are there. Oh, no my Carol, I think you do everything out of bile... That you say you don't care about the comments and you prove the opposite"; “I thought that in Miami you would have more friends and a more intimate circle than in Spain where you go every so often to celebrate this important thing for your life. Just give your opinion freely as you do,” were some of the comments left on her publications.

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