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Camila Canabal is grateful for materializing her dreams

The businesswoman also said that she owes the city of Miami the push to reinvent itself

Camila Canabal shared with all her followers her experience of living in another country. The Venezuelan presenter admitted how surprised she is to materialize her dreams in Miami.

“Miami is much more than the city of the sun for me because the gratitude trapped and with no way out in my heart has become an indescribable love that I never imagined having for a city beyond mine, that I also love with my soul, Barquisimeto , Caracas, my beloved Venezuela," Canabal said in a post on his Instagram account, regarding a recent interview he had.

The dream of the renowned Venezuelan began when she made the decision to reinvent herself and began designing bags.

One day he took a plane to Italy with the dream of making his own product. Today they already have their line of purses and bags, and their own store: Camila Canabal.

"I owe Miami the push to start over... The light of its bright sun that gives me energy every day to work tirelessly... The laughter and joy of my family who are everywhere and make me feel at home..." he continued.

De presenter from television to embarking in the world of fashion and doing a business in the United States, Camila assures that it has been one of the best decisions of her life, but also a great challenge full of effort and a lot of learning.

Meeting of cultures

For the fashion designer who also manages her daughter Joaquina, the singer, friendship and the meeting of cultures have been important factors in making her life the best it can be.

“The encounter with other cultures and friends that I treasure and today make my life more special…
In Miami we are all so different and we come from so many places that we feel ONE…”, assured Canabal, who has tried to maintain, not by effort but by roots and love, her connection with the country that saw her grow: Venezuela.

"What a joy to be able to serve this city and return even a little of what it has given me...".

always with a message

The businesswoman is also quite active on social networks, where she offers recommendations for life and tips on makeup and style, always with a message aimed at empowering women.

“Before starting, I wanted to fall in love with my product because I am so passionate, so much so that in my life only my heart rules. Completely in love @bycamilacanabal. I wait for you in my azol experience! Visit us in Key Biscayne and Caracas,” she wrote in a recent post.

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