Filming of "Bridgerton" remains in the air because of covid-19

Photo: Courtesy Netflix

Covid-19 is unleashed again and the last to be affected are those of the production of the Netflix series "Bridgerton." The second season of the show, which produced important numbers for the streaming giant, saw the closed sign hang until further notice in its studios after several members of the production tested positive for coronavirus.

Since May the team has been working on filming the episodes. The Just Jared portal published that the cancellation was not immediate. In fact, the first decision that was made was to stop for 24 hours. This Wednesday, July 21, it was announced that it would be indefinitely. 

At the moment no further details have been given, nor has an official announcement been made as it happened with the departure of the Duke of Hastings from the second season. It was Lady whistledown (the gossip of the series) who then communicated the departure on Instagram.

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