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Brad Pitt, upset because his daughter Shiloh dropped his last name

Brad Pitt reacted to his daughter Shiloh Jolie's decision to drop her last name. After reaching the age of majority on May 27, the young woman made the decision and went to court to execute the change of her identity.

The “Troy” actor has been in a legal battle with Angelina Jolie since 2016 and that has fractured the family structure. As a result of the differences that existed between the former couple before and after her divorce, her children decided to side with her mother.

According to information from TMZ, “Shiloh Jolie-Pitt filed documents requesting a legal name change… specifically, removing the Pitt from her last name and making her new name simply Shiloh Jolie.”

A source close to the renowned actor revealed to People that Brad is not very happy, to say the least, with the decision Shiloh made. “He is aware and upset that Shiloh dropped his last name. She never felt such joy as when she was born. She always wanted a daughter. Of course, it's not easy for Brad to remember that he has lost his children. He loves his children and misses them. He is very sad,” the insider said.

“He loves his children”

The source close to Brad Pitt added that although the actor is happy with his current partner, businesswoman Inés de Ramón, the family situation has him very bad because he loves his children.

“He is still happy with Inés, but the distance from his children hurts him. “He still loves all of his children very much,” said the “little bird.” “This whole process has been very hard for the entire family,” said, meanwhile, another source close to the artist.

The decision to separate was the starting point for Angelina and Brad to begin a tough process, of which several processes are still pending. The family is made up of Maddox (22), Zahara (19), Pax Thien (20), Shiloh (18), and twins Knox and Vivienne (15).

the determination

According to E! News, Shiloh, the first biological daughter of the former couple, would have paid the lawyer with her own money to complete the documentation and carry out the process legally. According to Life & Style, the young woman earns $14 a week doing secondary jobs.

PoAar now, Shiloh is the first to make the determination formally. For some time now, four of Brad's children no longer use their father's surname. In 2022, the eldest of the sisters introduced herself as Zahara Marley Jolie, according to a video that was shared by Essence magazine.

A few weeks ago, the public who saw the play “The Outsiders” on Broadway discovered that the youngest of the family had also dropped her paternal surname, so she now appears as Vivianne Jolie. As for her twin brother Knox, nothing is known about it.

The eldest of the former couple's six children, Maddox, also stopped using Pitt in non-legal documents, Us Weekly reported in 2021.

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