Benavides: "I'm as crazy about her as when I was 14 years old"

Photo: Instagram @benavidesmusic

One month after the release of “Con los ojos closed”, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter Benavides reveals the peculiarities of this epic and romantic single, also based on his own personal experience.

"At 14 I met my crush, I don't know how to explain it, but since I saw her I knew that I wanted to be with her forever," explained the interpreter of "Give it to me all" from his Instagram account, bringing up his relationship with Fabi Paolini , online business coach.

Benavides explained that his story began from a beautiful friendship. “And although I was super in love, he had me in the Friend Zone. I was patient, I let things flow, until a couple of years later I finally managed to get him to look at me with different eyes, and guess how, well, yes, singing and there life changed us forever ”, he assured.

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