Antonio Banderas will direct and star in the musical "Company"

It will be on December 15 when the first of the seven installments that make up the program will be released on Amazon Prime Video, each of which will last 60 minutes. Photo: EFE

The Spanish actor Antonio Banderas will direct and star in the musical “Company”, by Stephen Sondheim, with which he plans to open the 2021-2022 season of the Teatro del Soho, his stage space in Malaga (south), in September or October 2021, according to EFE in its web portal.

Banderas made this surprise announcement this Wednesday at the Soho Theater's 2020-2021 season presentation press conference, in which his presence had not been announced, and in which he even offered one of the musical numbers as a preview. of "Company", along with the rest of the company and a live orchestra.

The actor advanced that the "musical chromatic" of "Company" is "complex" and they will have "more than thirty musicians" and added that he has ordered his agents to clear their schedule to personally star in the musical in Malaga "for eight months ”.

He also announced that his proposal for this musical is going to be "very dreamy", with "a jump back to the 70s", and the Soho Theater itself "is going to transform", "with a round stage and the audience around" .

He explained that, while in "A Chorus Line" - his previous musical in Soho - the owners of the rights wanted "to preserve the work exactly as it was released in 1975" and "you could not move a comma", the author of "Company" wants "to be versioned."

For this reason, they are going to "recreate it from the beginning" and, although "in the work process there may be things that are transformed" and he is "open to listening to people", as director he has "the obligation to bring a proposal" .

“In an ideal plan”, he added, that he would like “to re-install 'A Chorus Line'”, because in Madrid “he is expected”, and he could perform this work in that city “in January or February a week to launch it and then leave the company, which is very powerful ”.

His "commitment" is then to return to Malaga in August 2021 to rehearse "Company" and star in it "for at least eight months" in Malaga, something that he sees as "a challenge" in a city "that is not Barcelona or Madrid".

To select the cast, he does not have "the possibility of doing what was done for 'A Chorus Line', seeing 1.800 people in Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid", but the previous musical has left him "a very powerful company" that will "use".

“I cannot forget the nights of 'A Chorus Line' in Malaga with the theater full. I'm hungry to get that back in this city, and to grow. This does not stop here, we will make another theater, which will be different, built for the general public, alternative, for young people, and a school in Malaga for all the theater trades ”, he assured.

He highlighted the security measures adopted in Soho, such as an ozone system, and all the actors who prepare the new musical "eat together, sleep together in the same hotel and have signed papers not to go out there", but admitted that with the pandemic "everything has changed."

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