Amanda Dudamel and María Gabriela de Faria joined forces in Petare

The universal viceroy 2022 and the actress visited one of the soup kitchens of the Made in Petare program

Photo: Instagram @amandadudamel

Amanda Dudamel and María Gabriela de Faría had a great time with the children of Petare. The universal viceroy 2022 and the actress and businesswoman visited one of the program's children's canteens Made in Petare.

Dudamel and De Faría had exchanged compliments and talked to each other on social networks and other ways planning this activity, but it was now that they met in person.

"A day to keep in the chest of the soul! I have dreamed of this day since I spoke for the first time with @thefaria, very honorable and extremely excited… Today it came true ”, wrote Miss Venezuela 2021 on her Instagram profile.

The only face to life

“Thank you to all the little ones of the United Republic for receiving us with such joy, love in intensity at every moment. Thank you @thefaria and @gabyfit (Gabriela Chacón) for sharing your most human face with us, the only face that you give to life”, added Amanda Dudamel on Saturday (March 25).

María Gabriela de Faría, for her part, also shared a lot of content about the view both in publications and in her stories. “My mom was born and raised in Petare. This climb meant a lot to her and me. This rise really transformed us”, wrote the Venezuelan interpreter in part of the extensive text shared in a post.

Likewise, in his stories he added: "We spent the morning with the children of one of the 10 soup kitchens that the @madeinpetare program feeds daily."

"They were happy when @amandadudamel told them that they inspired their cape in Miss Universe," he highlighted in another story, noting that the NGO Un Par Por Un Sueño, which is in charge of collecting and donating shoes, was also in the activity.

powerful visits

The protagonist of "The Exorcism of God" highlighted in the same way that the reality is that many of these children is really very hard, and that is why these visits are very powerful when it comes to showing them and showing them love.

“I think it also has to be a testimony of improvement for these children. Let them know that many of us also come from very complicated contexts, that we had everything against us, like my mom @gabyfit, and that it is possible, that it is an illusion for us. Repeat it. Ignite the flame of trust over and over again,” she said.

Instagram @amandadudamel

Both Amanda Dudamel and María Gabriela de Faría left testimony of their connection with the little ones in various photos that immortalized part of their encounter with the Petareña community.

It should be noted that Made in Petare was born in 2018 as an initiative of Un Par Por Un Sueño. The idea of ​​creating their first sustainable fashion collection had the main objective of raising funds to self-sustain the 10 soup kitchens they have in the area.

"But it's not just that. They have educational plans for the children with weekly recreational activities, they create opportunities to exploit their potential for the mothers of Petare, and they have a physical and dental medical check-up for the children”, pointed out María Gabriela de Faría.

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