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Aleska Génesis: Maybe I needed to be a little bit meaner

After her departure from the fourth season of “The House of the Famous”, Aleska Génesis Castellanos confessed that it is difficult for her to understand how the public preferred that the Puerto Rican actress Maripily Rivera win the prize of 200 thousand dollars, reported People en Español.

 “I don't know what society we live in that likes or supports hate more. "I think I needed to be a little bit meaner," the Venezuelan model, who placed sixth in the competition, told the aforementioned site.

“Because I can't understand how, for example, a person like Maripily, who has tried to humiliate and intimidate, has messed with people, has bullied, has yelled, has said rude things, that is, has done everything: he has created strategies and has communicated with people before entering the game; how she has come so far, even breaking the rules and messing with so many people,” said the mannequin, who was involved in several fights with Rivera during the development of the reality show.

“He didn't do anything”

In the interview with People en Español, Nicky Jam's ex considered that she deserved more to reach the grand final than the Mexican actress Geraldine Bazán, who entered the reality season already started and came in fifth place.

“I feel like she didn't do anything within 'La casa…' She was very intelligent because she already knew the strength that was within 'La casa…', so when she entered she wanted to go ashore with (the singer) Lupillo (Rivera); They didn't accept her, so there she went to water. She always looked for a way to be protected at her convenience and I feel that that is why she also lasted because we saved her many times, we opened our doors for her. Then, the moment she saw that it was no longer necessary for us to save her, she turned around. I feel that (actor) Paulo (Quevedo) deserved more to be in that position, but the decision is up to the public,” she said.

Regarding the fracture of her friendship with the presenter Alana Lliteras, she pointed out that this happened after she saved Bazán. This took the woman from Barquisimetana by surprise, since she believed that her friendship was stronger.

“I was very disappointed because I fell into believing that he was innocent. Since she still has the face of a girl and she is a girl, I ate the story. But later my disappointment was when I saw that, as (Rodrigo) Romeh said one day, she acts like a girl when it suits her and like a woman when it suits her; "He introduces tares to her convenience, he changes the things she hears to her convenience," Aleska said.


Due to the above, in addition to the fact of having played fair, Aleska Génesis admits that she was greatly surprised when she found herself out of the competition.

"When they named me as the sixth finalist, I was in shock because I already felt like I was in the grand finale on this day holding hands with Lupillo, and perhaps one of the two of us fighting to see who would turn off the light on 'The House...' No. I thought it was leaving on Sunday, so at that moment when I heard my name I couldn't believe it,” he recalled.

“When they left me the last one with Geraldine, I looked at Lupillo and gave him a calm sign, as if reassuring him that I was staying inside 'The House...', and that she was going out because I saw him nervous. When they named me, I didn't expect it, I swore Geraldine was coming out,” he added.


On the other hand, the model also spoke about whether she will have the opportunity to fall in love with Christian Estrada or Clovis Nienow, who tried to win her over in the reality show.

“I think that once I'm out here I have to look everyone in the eye, share with them and really take my time to make a good decision. Not getting carried away by the moment, but really by what I feel and what each of them feels because it has also been a long time since I last saw Christian. I know that Clovis won my heart and did everything possible within The House... to make me happy, to make me smile and I value that too. I don't have it easy with those two gallants. But I am going to give myself the opportunity to share all of this with everyone and thus make a good decision,” said Aleska Génesis.

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