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Alejandro Fernández sang again under the influence of alcohol

The singer is in new controversy after being recorded while drunk

New controversy! Singer Alejandro Fernández was accused of being in an apparent state of intoxication during a concert in Guanajuato, Mexico.

After being heavily criticized for the look he displays in his photographs, he is once again at the center of the controversy. Through social networks, videos began to circulate in which El Potrillo is seen having difficulty walking and singing his songs.

Until now, the interpreter of "I set out to lose you" He has not commented on the circulating videos of his presentation, but he did share a little of what he experienced during his presentation.

"Of the few times they haven't even let me start the song... life is worth nothing in my León, Guanajuatoooo!!", Vicente Fernández's son shared on his Instagram account.

"His demons are taking over"

As expected, users did not hesitate to comment on the publication of the famous artist. "All his demons are dominating him"; "How sad, he has a good voice"; "Addictions do not forgive"; "Pay to see him drunk, never", "His dad would be disappointed to see him like this" are just some of the comments that can be read.

According to the information published by People en Español, Fernández found it difficult to open his eyes or move. All he did was extend his arms or snap his fingers to the beat of the mariachi that accompanied him. 

In one of the videos, the singer can be seen accompanied by his son Alex Fernández, who sings a phrase from "Time does not forgive", while Alejandro is sitting, crying and wiping his tears with his hands in a very strong way. 

drinking problems

It is not the first time that the Mexican artist has been in the public eye for his problems with alcohol abuse. However, Alejandro Fernández, who has sold more than 30 million records, triumphs on stage.

In August 2016, images of the singer circulated, shirtless and under the influence of alcohol in Las Vegas (United States).

In May 2017, Fernández gave a lot to talk about when he almost vomited and left the stage for a few seconds after drinking tequila invited by a follower, despite having denied this year having problems with alcohol.

Both wine and tequila seem to be El Potrillo's favorite drinks, who have shown an excessive consumption of them in their presentations, something that the unforgettable Vicente Fernandez.

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