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Sectors of Valencia were left without electricity after rains

More than 12 sectors of the great Valencia without electricity are counted

This Thursday night a strong electrical storm was recorded in Carabobo that caused flooding, overflowing of canals and the loss of electricity in a large part of the municipalities.

In Valencia, the floods were evident in the popular community of Trapichito, specifically in sector A, where the canal in the area overflowed again.

Daniel Silva, chief of operations of the Valencia Firefighters, reported that unlike other occasions this Thursday no damage to property was reported to be regretted.

He specified that in the Los Tamarindos neighborhood, located in the Miguel Peña parish, an infrastructure built on the banks of the Cabriales River collapsed, in addition to registering various floods in the streets and avenues of the great Valencia.

On a busy avenue in Valencia, it was possible to see how an ambulance fell into an overflowing stormwater channel.

Without eleectricity

Likewise, Silva highlighted that during the downpour, lightning struck a transformer at the La Quizanda service station, which caused a lack of electricity in several sectors.

In this sense, users reported on social networks that since 8:00 pm this Thursday they do not have electricity.

Although Corpoelec has not commented on the matter, it was learned that the entity's crews together with workers from the Owl Plan of the Valencia Mayor's Office continue to attend to the contingency.

In addition, more than 12 sectors of the great Valencia without power were counted, most of them located in the northern part of the city.

Among the communities that remain without electricity until 5:30 pm this Friday, are Avenida Bolívar Norte, Guataparo, Prebo, Los Mangos, El Bosque, El Parral, Valles de Camoruco, Las Acacias, La Kerdell, Los Nísperos , White Water, among others.

Given the situation, Isnaldo Jiménez, coordinator of the Electrical Commission of the Carabobo Engineering Center, assured that the delay in the restitution of the service is due to the magnitude of the damage to the transformer caused by lightning.

The head of Fire Operations explained that the spark goes directly to the ground and without protection in the equipment, the damage can be very serious, so the work will depend on the effects and the response capacity of Corpoelec to restore it.

“Unfortunately, the protection in the electrical stations has been failing because there are people who steal the copper from the ground meshes that protect this equipment in the substations. We also add to this situation that the meshes have not been replaced on time, "said the specialist during an interview on a radio program.

Los Guayos and San Diego

One of the municipalities most affected by the rains was The Guayos, where people from Carabobo reported flooding in areas such as Las Agüitas and the Popular House of Los Guayos.

Neighbors assured that the water level reached them "up to their knees", having to safeguard their belongings in blocks and on the roofs.

Likewise, in the San Diego municipality, specifically, Don Julio Centeno Avenue was completely flooded, leaving some vehicles in the middle of the road as a result of mechanical damage.

Another locality that was affected but to a lesser extent was Naguanagua, where 190 avenue flooded again but this time the water level did not manage to enter the houses.

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