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Expo Fedecámaras 2024 demonstrated the strengths of the business sector

During the event, important agreements and negotiations were sealed

More than 25 thousand people enjoyed the Fedecámaras 2024 Expo this weekend, an event that brought together businessmen from different states of the country.

Ana Isabel Taboada, president of the body, classified the Expo as successful after exceeding expectations, since important negotiations were sealed for three days.

“We have exceeded our own expectations with more than 25 people who visited us between Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here there was not a stand that did not network or that did not achieve a commercial agreement,” he noted.

He commented that the event had visitors from the states of Nueva Esparta, Guárico, Bolívar, Yaracuy and Zulia, among others.

“Which confirms that we have become a benchmark, a brand of honesty and organization,” he noted.

In that sense, Taboada announced that they will formally request that Valencia be the venue in 2025 for the 81st Annual Assembly of Fedecámaras, the main national meeting of the organization that brings together the productive force of Venezuela.

“We have already begun to prepare the Expo Fedecámaras Carabobo 2025. Hosting the Annual Assembly would be recognition of our businessmen because from here we are promoting the economy not only of our state but of the entire country,” he indicated.

The union leader assured that during the Expo more than 700 applications were received in the organization's Job Bank to be processed and classified by companies and participants.

Lacava assured that the country shows its strengths

Venezuela does not stop 

The governor of Carabobo, Rafael Lacava, expressed during his visit to the Fedecámaras Expo that “Venezuela is not going to stop, it does not stop, nor will it ever stop.”

He asserted that the businessman's attendance at the Expo shows that the country is activated again.

“There is a business sector that is producing, hopeful: an active productive sector (…) that says a lot about the strength that this country has. Today we say to the international community, to that community that attacked the Venezuelan businessmen themselves, the patriotic businessmen and the businessmen who believe in the country, that the country is not going to stop, it will not stop and it will never stop," he said. .

 Lacava emphasized that these events are key to highlighting the strengths of the country's economy.

"That is why events like these are key in the demonstration of this new Venezuela that we have, of this strength that we have achieved by resisting and defeating those who aspired to implode this country: they could not do it and today, despite the difficulties, this country shows a face and a strength that it probably did not have in the past, for having defeated this war that was tried to be imposed on us to bring the Venezuelan people to their knees," he stressed.

The event included the participation of the president of Fedecámaras, Adán Celis; representatives of Conindustria, Chamber of Construction, Fedeagro and directors of the different regional chambers. 

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