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Pablo Picasso exhibition graced the Carabobo Culture Museum

More than 70 thousand visitors enjoyed 46 original works by the Malaga artist

More than 70 thousand visitors received the exhibition “Picasso, Everything that can be imagined is real”, an exhibition that adorned the spaces of the Carabobo Museum of Culture, since last April.

Nathaly Bustamante, Secretary of Culture of the Government of Carabobo, reported that during this period, the public enjoyed 46 original works by the Malaga artist, distributed in three areas of the museum.

The exhibition consisted of an interactive representation of his outstanding work “El Guernica”, 22 lithographs, 3 aquatints, 3 etchings, 1 serigraph, 3 linoleums, 4 drawings, 5 paintings, 1 ceramic/plate, 1 wood block for woodcut, various books about the artist's life, as well as a guest sculpture by artist Marisol Escobar.

“The exhibition attracted adults, children, young people, students and the general public, who appreciated each painting by the Spanish artist who, with his avant-garde style and as one of the fathers of cubism, became one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. , with its philosophy, rebellion and desire for a peaceful society,” he noted.

Bustamante thanked the Carabobeño public and all the Venezuelans who from other regions of the country visited the Museum of Culture to enjoy this exceptional exhibition, framed in the apexes of the Great Mission "Long live Venezuela my Beloved Homeland" and the cultural policies of the Government from Carabobo.

“We received, at the Museum of Culture, more than 72 thousand people, including the general public, more than 45 schools that visited us, both from the public and private sectors, in addition to students from five universities (…) thank you governor, Thank you Doctor Nancy for always carrying out cultural policies in favor of the people of Carabobeño,” he noted.

The exhibition, which was presented for the first time outside of Caracas, commemorated the 51 years since the physical disappearance of Pablo Picasso.

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