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In Carabobo, talks begin in schools to prevent bullying 

They plan to address 100 public and private schools in the Naguanagua municipality

The Mayor's Office of Naguanagua began a cycle of conversations to prevent bullying and low self-esteem in the municipality's schools.

Francis Urquía, director of Education of the jurisdiction, reported that to date more than 500 young people from 14 public schools and high schools in the town have been approached.

“When we started we perceived a certain fear in the students. After we applied some icebreaker therapies, we managed to gain their trust so that they could provide more information, and thus we could offer tips on how to address depressive, angry, or bad coexistence behaviors in the classroom,” he commented.

Urquía explained that among the points addressed in the conversations are: how to strengthen deficiencies in the family and bullying at home or at school, among others.

He stressed that these talks, which take place three times a week, will continue for the remainder of the school year.

“The goal of Mayor Ana González is to bring this information to all the institutions of the municipality, which are 100, both private, public, subsidized, state, one municipal and two autonomous. “We want the information to have greater reach, so that our young people have tools and know how to address possible situations that arise regarding these issues,” she emphasized.

Urquía explained that among the institutions approached are: UE José Félix Sosa, CEI Teotiste Arocha de Gallegos, ETR Simón Bolívar, EB Dr. Lisandro Lecuna, UE Manuel Antonio Malpica, EE Colinas de Girardot, UE Abdón Calderón, EN Raúl Leoni, UE Liceo Santa Eduviges, Unefa, UE Monseñor Gregorio Adam, EE Enrique Barrios Sánchez, UE Atanasio Girardot and EB María Teresa Coronel.

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