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Expo Fedecámaras 2024 will be held in Valencia

The event seeks to promote trade agreements between Venezuela and other nations

From May 24 to 26, the Fedecámaras Carabobo 2024 Expo will be held in the Valencia municipality, an event that seeks to promote trade agreements between Venezuela and other nations.

Ana Isabel Taboada, president of Fedecámaras Carabobo, reported at a press conference that the activity will bring together more than 23 thousand people at the Hesperia Hotel in the city.

He highlighted that 190 stands from different companies will exhibit their products, services and innovations across 2 thousand square meters.

“It is an event that boosts the economy, the economic development of Carabobo and the central western region of the country. It is an opportunity to see what is being done in Venezuela. We have industry and commerce in our DNA, we have 40% of the industry in this country and we have to return to that level and the expo is a way to achieve this,” he expressed.

He announced that businessmen from Spain, Italy, Argentina, Portugal, Colombia, Uruguay, China and the islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire are expected to participate in the event.

“They want to come to see what is being done in Carabobo, what is being done in Venezuela and review the benefits of the products we have, in addition to the service and innovations that are being made. Not only will there be regional exhibitors, but also from the center-west of the country,” he noted.

Taborda pointed out that the Expo Fedecámaras Carabobo 2024 will coincide with possible international alliances between the region and the Republic of China, which will make it possible to take advantage of these agreements that favor the strengthening of the entity's industrial park.

 “It's good that it agrees with this Shanghai agreement, because it is an opportunity to demonstrate what is being done in Carabobo and that we have the capacity to increase our sales and produce much more,” he stated.

The union leader specified that the event would also include conferences under a new format and cultural activities for the enjoyment of all attendees. 

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