Volunteers from Fundación Movistar held social conferences

Fundación Telefónica Movistar celebrated a new edition of the “Telefónica Volunteer International Day” to recognize the social work that volunteers carry out throughout the year, with a global day in which educational, social and cultural activities adapted to the digital world were carried out. valuing technology as a tool to create solidarity ties.

On this occasion, the telecommunications company managed to benefit 400.000 people in 24 countries in which the Telefónica Group has a presence, thanks to the participation of 11.000 volunteers who attended the call from their homes, joining efforts to carry out the 289 online initiatives scheduled in The programing.

For the first time, the organization leveraged activities on digital platforms to continue the commendable work they have done for 13 continuous years. Inés Sandra Machado, Vice President of Communications, Public Affairs and Fundación Telefónica Movistar, highlighted the broad participation of volunteers in the country. “The new normal requires us to reinvent ourselves in all aspects and from corporate volunteering we have also looked for alternatives. Thanks to technology, this year we were able to transform the way we volunteer to benefit 1.100 people and bring our contribution to the communities that need it. More than 500 people, both from our staff and allies, participated in the different projects and actions promoted in the local programming that began on September 29 and will run until October 8 ".

The occasion was also propitious to celebrate "The Festival of Cultures", an activity in which through educational content, games and online dynamics related to the customs and traditions of each country, the volunteers promoted inclusion and respect, generating a space of diversity, in addition to highlighting the interculturality of the company.

On the other hand, one of the most important global initiatives carried out this year is the Solidarity Challenge, a virtual sports challenge with the aim of adding, in the case of Venezuela, all the possible steps to reach the goal of 2.000 kilometers, which is They will be converted into economic resources contributed by Fundación Telefónica Movistar for the benefit of more than 500 boys and girls protected by Aldeas Infantiles SOS in the country.

In addition, six other activities focused on promoting art and culture, preservation of the environment, the value of music and virtual accompaniment were deployed. Some recreational and educational initiatives such as "Put the mask on your favorite hero" and the ICT training workshops will remain active until October 8.

With this edition, the organization shows that solidarity transcends physical spaces, by designing activities that awaken, even under confinement measures, the social awareness of employees and society in general, in favor of populations in vulnerable situations.

Through the Corporate Volunteering program, Fundación Telefónica Movistar channels the social action of its collaborators, who contribute their knowledge and skills in different activities that affect areas as diverse as the digital divide, social inclusion, childhood, care of the environment. environment or employability.

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