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Through social programs EPA supports recycling actions

With the Help is Simple program, Reusamas has managed to hold environmental awareness days

EPA Hardware store, as a socially responsible company, promotes the preservation of the environment with actions for the benefit of nature and its care; supporting different projects with volunteer work and through the Help is Simple program. 

Such is the case of the Reusamas Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) located in Valencia, committed to strengthening the 3R culture by accompanying both civil society and business to apply business models with efficient management. responsible for waste. 

Thanks to the contribution that customers make at the checkout with Ayudar es Sencillo, Reusamas has been able to hold awareness days and workshops to promote recycling, strengthening environmental awareness for a better quality of life. 

Similarly, another of the institutions with which EPA has generated solid alliances through social programs is the Foundation for the Defense of Nature (Fudena), which, thanks to the contribution of clients, has been able to develop different projects that include awareness talks on the harmful effects on marine fauna and the Venezuelan coasts and microplastic collection day; which in turn is managed with other institutions for the recycling and reuse of these materials. 

Likewise, support was given to the Venezuelan American Friendship Association (AVAA) with the project "A Friendly Hand for the Environment", based on raising citizen awareness about the protection and preservation of the environment, through training, education and volunteering activities to the conservation of natural spaces of the great Caracas; Among its most outstanding activities, it is worth mentioning the creation of a mural with tapas and other recycled materials. 

Within the framework of World Recycling Day, celebrated every May 17, the network of hardware stores highlights some of the projects it has supported in recent years, with the commitment and effort that characterizes it, in order to achieve Better Spaces for Better Citizens .  

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