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HomeBusinessThe use of mobile devices is growing in the global market

The use of mobile devices is growing in the global market

According to a study carried out by a company dedicated to analyzing the latest trends, the use of mobile devices is growing into the global market. Driven by an increase in available options, this growth is estimated to stand at 10 percent year over year. Along with the increase in the number of users, the way of relating to devices also changes. Next, we will discuss the most important points of the use of cell phones, computers and tablets, among other technological devices.

Most use mobile devices to make payments online

So it is about participating in the online slots or hire a service streaming of audiovisual content, more than 45 percent of mobile device users use them to make payments. In contrast, the remaining percentage indicates that they are interested in learning how to use this technology to pay. Now, the most interesting thing about what the study found is that in China, a country where cash payments predominate, more and more people are adopting mobile payments. Without going any further, in just one year, the number of users willing to pay for the Internet grew by 60 percent.

More and more devices are available

Although the cell phone continues to dominate as the most used device, the market has more and more options available. According to the study, 50 percent of people use the tablets, while 10 percent have a gadgets wearable. The agency also found that about 25 percent of people surveyed planned to buy new devices in the next year. As for the country with the most users connected, Singapore is the líder, followed by Poland and the United States.

Use of mobile devices

Another interesting finding from the study is that 20 percent of users check their cell phones 100 times a day. Also, in emerging markets, 93 percent of people use one of their devices in the first hour of the day; For its part, in the consolidated market, this percentage corresponds to 78 percent. Of these totals, the majority of users are concentrated on social networks and instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp.

Using networks to connect

Another curious discovery regarding the use of mobile devices is that the majority of users in developed markets use the 4G or 5G connection to connect to the Internet. The reason is very simple: these networks are much faster in Europe and Asia. The opposite happens in emerging markets, such as Latin America, where most connect via Wi-Fi.

The use of mobile devices continues to grow in all markets worldwide. The availability of cell phones, tablets, computers and Gadgets wearables sustain their growth, both in established and emerging markets.

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