The other side of streaming


The platforms of streaming they are undoubtedly the mainstay of modern entertainment. Thanks to the higher bandwidth of mobile networks such as 4G and 5G, users can access the same source from which they play all the audiovisual content they want without interruptions on their cell phones, computers and tablets. But beyond passively entertaining the streaming offers the possibility of connecting in greater depth with those who are on the other side of the screen.

Provide live support

The software for remote control The use of computers has been for years a method to access our computers or those of other people in a legitimate way to provide them with technical support or collaborate in a project that requires our direct participation.

This has allowed people and companies that suffer with conflicting applications to receive direct support from specialists, at any time without having to postpone it until the technician's visit and resume their activities as soon as possible. These benefits also manage to be at the hand of less specialized users by being able to use applications such as TeamViewer, Supremo and Microsoft Remote Desk, to access the content of their computers from another computer and even cell phones and tablets. This allows them to retrieve necessary files and even monitor their use while away from home.

Create more interaction with the viewer

Nowadays, viewers are looking for a more active role with their favorite creators, since it is no longer enough to sit down and see what is new on their channels, but rather they want their experience to be as vivid as possible, without cuts or edits. That is why live shows have become more popular among internet communities, especially through platforms such as Twitch. There we can see how millions of users connect simultaneously to see AuronPlay, Ibai, and the Venezuelan Nimertix, reacting to their comments and interacting with them, making each visit a unique show.

This concept has also spread to the gaming industry thanks to the popularity of the As a casino player you will get online courses live. Bringing the social aspect back to the game with dealer-player interactions, live casino is one of the most searched terms on specialist review portals. To this is added the possibility of acquiring bonuses without deposit and being able to play from the cell phone.

Expand the reach of medicine

Medicine is another that has benefited from the streaming when the conditions for the remote surgery. By combining robotics, laser surgery, streaming and 5G networks, surgeons are now able to perform less invasive operations, with a faster recovery rate for patients without exhausting medical staff when moving from one center to another to perform their work.

In this way, the surgeons involved can manipulate through tablets, virtual reality glasses and haptic controls, all the medical instruments, revealing that the feeling of control is greater without differing from face-to-face surgery. A breakthrough that had been craving for decades to which conditions finally gave rise to its development.

Far from creating more distances the streaming aims to provide solutions that erase borders and bring people closer to those elements that manage to add value to their lives regardless of where they are.



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