The impact of Messi's departure from LaLiga de España

Leo Messi cries when saying goodbye to Barcelona FC

In recent years, Spanish football has lost a large number of figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and more recently Sergio Ramos. With Messi now being the main reference in French football, the Santander League has now become an even more interesting tournament.

A much more balanced tournament

In recent decades, Spanish football has been dominated by Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​clubs that have included stars of this sport in their ranks by paying them extraordinary salaries. However, the new restrictions on salary caps that have been imposed in the country, have caused many great figures to take the spectacular nature of their football to other countries.

What seems to be a serious blow to the spectacular nature of this tournament, is turning out to be an incentive towards competition between the clubs that participate in it. A clear example of this are the Betting odds for the Santander League that we can find at the beginning of the tournament, since now they do not point towards a clear favorite from before the competition begins, but show more inclusive ratings that reflect a much more balanced tournament.

In addition to the above, sports experts shared their first impressions about the quality of the tournament after analyzing the first days. The result of these analyzes has been promising, since clubs like Barcelona give their players the opportunity to shine collectively, and teams like Atlético de Madrid have the opportunity to compete directly for the championship using squads made up of more modest payrolls than those of Real Madrid or Barcelona.

The chance to find new stars

The departure of Messi seems to be the indicator of the end of one of the most competitive leagues on the planet, but this does not have to be the case. Despite the fact that economic problems have forced the departure of great stars, there are still multiple players who could become the new face of the Santander League.

Inside Barcelona, ​​the opportunity to shine comes for the French Antoine Griezmann, who can now play without the pressure of being in the shadow of the best player on the planet. At Real Madrid, Karim Benzema has begun to establish himself as the club's new reference, in addition to having the support of figures such as Luka Modric and the arrival of David Alaba.

Finally, Atlético de Madrid stands out for its collective game, but has the Uruguayan Luis Suárez as its main reference. In addition to the above, he also has the Argentine Rodrigo de Paul as his new support in the search to retain the title in this new season.

The Spanish tournament has lost Messi due to the financial adjustments to which it has forced its clubs.



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