TECH, the "best digital university in the world in Spanish" according to Forbes

Forbes, the leading publication in the business world, has highlighted TECH Universidad Tecnológica as "the best digital university in the world in Spanish." The magazine highlights the educational commitment of this institution, which, thanks to its one hundred percent online methodology, has a presence and students in 24 Spanish-speaking countries, offering the possibility of updating or training from Venezuela with the best training programs on the international scene. from the virtual platform TECH Venezuela Technological University.  

Forbes highlights its international trajectory and how in just six years it has become "a benchmark for distance learning in the Spanish language", with students from 112 countries, more than 100.000 students currently taking one of its programs and a total of more than 500.000 international graduates among all its modalities. 

One of the keys to its ability to attract students lies in its extensive academic offer. TECH Technological University It is the largest digital university in the world in Spanish, leading the ranking with a training offer of more than 8.100 options between its own programs and official undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

Students can choose from a wide catalog that includes bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, doctorates, own master's degrees, grand masters, university experts, management development programs, language courses and diplomas, all of them digitally, and covering the vast majority of areas of knowledge: all disciplines of Health Sciences, Design, Engineering, Technology, Law, Economics and Business, Communication and Journalism, Education, Arts and Humanities. 

100% digital methodology

The magazine recalls that «during 2020, virtual education has played a fundamental role in the educational field worldwide. The closure of schools, colleges and universities, due to the pandemic, forced educational institutions to reinvent themselves through digital platforms. It is in this new context that distance universities have taken the upper hand, placing digital transformation as a key sector in the development of societies as the main bet ”.

In this sector, the publication adds, “the success story of TECH Universidad Tecnológica stands out, an online higher education institution that has managed to position itself as the benchmark institution within its sector, thanks to its presence in the 24 countries of speaks Spanish. Currently, there is no other globally influential operator in the language area, all thanks to the academic offer it offers, the selection of its teaching staff, and an innovative learning method aimed at training the professionals of the future ”.

According to Forbes, the university belongs to the educational group TECH, a multinational company with Spanish capital, with an international presence since 2015 and recognized by the Financial Times among the 200 fastest growing companies in Europe during 2017 and 2018. It is also the Spanish technology company with highest valuation of the last 15 years, adds the magazine.

Agreement with Harvard

From TECH they explain that the key, in a sector as sensitive as education, lies in the quality of training. «The digital transition must not change the commitment to quality education that has characterized the University throughout the centuries. You must invest in the necessary technology to put students at the center of the learning process, but the quality of teaching is still essential, "says Dr. Pedro Navarro, TECH executive vice president, in statements to Forbes.

To achieve this goal, TECH offers its students the most avant-garde methodology on the current market: ReLearning, an innovative digital learning system, based on directed reiteration, which has been «internationally recognized for the ability to combine as much as possible the pedagogical rigor, academic demands and the latest educational technology, with excellent results ».

TECH University combines its own learning methodology with the well-known Harvard 'business cases', thanks to an agreement with the prestigious American university that allows it to offer its students this pedagogical method focused on preparing the student to adapt to professional reality. From TECH they explain that the results translate into a greater insertion in the labor market: «99% of our students have a job within a year after finishing their studies, and the figure is similar in terms of professionals who improve their career, which has allowed us to lead the ranking in employability ».



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