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Sunacrip authorizes CCSCEX | Caracas Commodity Exchange to operate its ecosystem

A new window opens to the world to boost investment in Venezuela

The National Superintendency of Cryptoactives and Related Activities – suncrip-, regulatory entity of crypto assets in Venezuela, authorized the startup CCSCEX|Caracas Commodity Exchange, to start the operation of its ecosystem in this country.

The information was provided by Daniel Valero G., founder and Chairman of this initiative, who pointed out that CCSCEX | Caracas Commodity Exchange, after 8 years, it is established as the first commodity exchange in the world with blockchain technology, which will make possible the entry of foreign capital, which will enhance Venezuela as a land of opportunities.

This project is a diverse ecosystem that contains blockchain, exchange token, exchange, tokenization, productive and social crowdfunding, smart contracts, super wallet, super app, ecommerce, crypto debit and credit card, CCSCEX Tv, entrepreneurship hub and call center. 0 800 CCSCEX 00.

The authorization granted by suncrip (the world's first cryptoactive regulator) contains the following attributes: exchange, P2P, crypto fiat, payment gateways, crypto debit and credit cards, super wallet, super app, e-commerce, crowdfunding, token issuance and tokenization for management and production in agro-productive areas, tokenization of mining and mineral extraction, OTC services and payment agent.

The governance currency of the ecosystem CCSCEX, ExchangeToken, It is backed by a guarantee that is in the custody of the UBS Bank of Geneva, Switzerland for an amount of USD 129.800.000, which supports two million eighty-eight thousand ExchangeToken, that can be used in more than 180 countries. 

El Exchange Tokens, is a Security Token that is the digital representation of a real-world asset in the block chain, which must be regulated, giving value to this digital representation or token in the physical world. It is backed by a real-world asset, so each one issued is guaranteed..  To date, more than ten million ExchangeToken, of a maximum supply of two hundred million of them.

“The Agricultural Miracle”: first tokenization in Venezuela

Similarly, Valero announced that, based on this authorization by SUNACRIP, the first tokenization will be carried out in Venezuela, which is included in its "El Milagro Agrícola" plan, in the agroproductive sector, thus becoming the first Security Token in Latin America, thus supporting the issuance of one million nine hundred thousand Exchange Tokens and listed on BINANCE DEX (now BNB CHAIN) for a value of USD 120 million.

Among other initiatives, CCSCEX plans to carry out STO (Security Token Offering) and the launch of the platform and ecosystem on July 12, 2022, in an event that promises to be the largest for crypto assets and commodities in the country.

The increase in the use of technologies in the field of cryptocurrencies, OTC, blockchain, internet of things and web 3.0, has caused important social, economic and cultural transformations in the world. It is also a big step for Venezuela, since it is closely linked to the increase in the use of platforms and apps.

CCSCEX it is under constant review due to the great influence of these changes in global finance, giving rise to the so-called "new digital economy", which has recently aroused so much interest.  

Whitepaper CCSCEX | Caracas Commodity Exchange

To contact them you can go to https://ccscex.com

or on social networks Instagram and Twitter as: @ccscex

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