SimpleTV launches Escuela Plus

SimpleTV launches its most important program in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, by presenting its Escuela Plus channel to accompany teachers and parents, bringing training to the television screens of homes throughout Venezuela, through its signal on channel 804 , as reported by its president, Eng. Alexander Elorriaga.

It is a project that is inserted in the new distance educational demands, generated by the changes in our lives that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, and that uses technology as a vehicle to help achieve a more effective pedagogy.

 “Six months after the start of our operation in Venezuela, we are proud to deliver to our subscribers this important program that makes SimpleTV a socially responsible company committed to our country, seeking to improve the complex conditions for families, teachers and students. , while we overcome together the reality imposed by the pandemic, "said Elorriaga.

Home school

Elorriaga pointed out that the SimpleTV initiative is a concept in which the classroom is now at home, the teachers are also the parents, and we have textbooks on television, and that also becomes a close link with the training through channel 804 that will reach, at no additional cost, all its subscribers, in all plans.

She added that the effort families put into these homeschool days creates very important connections. Escuela Plus is a distance training tool based on high quality audiovisual content, which covers a significant number of subjects required in the Venezuelan educational curriculum, through programming designed to support students, teachers and parents. "At SimpleTV we are convinced that our contribution will complement the work of the parents at home and that of the teacher in the classroom, when we return to face-to-face classes."

The president of SimpleTV highlighted that each series, each program, corresponds to subjects such as science, mathematics, sports, humanities, language, among others, and the contents are produced thinking about all levels of education: initial, primary and secondary. And, in addition, you do not need an internet connection, because Escuela Plus is broadcast directly by the satellite signal.

The future of Escuela Plus

Today, faced with the new conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Escuela Plus arrives in Venezuela to support the important work of parents and educators at home, however, it is also preparing to be present in the Venezuelan education system, and to By the end of 2021, it hopes to install the SimpleTV service in 204 educational institutions of social interest.

Thus, these schools will be able to enjoy this pedagogical tool through channel 804, with the important collaboration of Fe y Alegría, the Venezuelan Association of Catholic Education (AVEC) and other organizations that will join this initiative for the benefit of education. Throughout the national territory. The goal for 2022 is to continue growing and reach 400 schools.

In this way, with Escuela Plus, SimpleTV connects with the interest and current affairs of the country, and offers a valuable contribution through social investment in Venezuelan education, showing the commitment of partners and managers in creating a better future. for the children and young people who need it most.  



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