Ron Cacique invites you to enjoy the Los Montaner concert: Sólo una vez

As part of the celebration of its 60 years, Ron Cacique continues to evolve to accompany his tribe and provide the best experiences. On this occasion, the brand invites all Venezuelans of legal age to experience the Los Montaner concert with #EmociónPura: Sólo una vez.

On the occasion of this event, Ron Cacique shows his tribe that distance is not an impediment to celebrate with our people and invites all those who want to continue celebrating the good times to enjoy and share with a bottle of Cacique, betting on a responsible celebration .

The concert, Los Montaner: Only once, will take place on Saturday, July 31. This time the family of the moment will join in a very special concert, Mau & Ricky, Evaluna, Camilo and Ricardo Montaner, will be singing together from the "Altos de Chavón" amphitheater in a show that will be broadcast live via streaming for the whole world.

Ron Cacique believes that nowadays connecting with the people around us is the most important thing, therefore, he invites you to enjoy this concert in the company of the tribe and a rum tonic. To be part of this experience, people can purchase their ticket through



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