Farmatodo commemorated World Health Day

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As part of the commemoration of World Health Day, celebrated on April 7 of each year, a date created by the World Health Organization (WHO), Farmatodo and its workers joined the campaign to raise awareness of the population about the importance of taking care of the organism.

From Farmatodo we work to improve the quality of life and well-being of the Venezuelan family. That is why the brand promoted World Health Week in April, where various conversations were held through the Instagram platform, aimed at promoting comprehensive health care.

The virtual event was attended by more than 48.000 users, who connected digitally to learn more about the topics addressed by the specialists who accompanied the event: Emotional management in pandemic, led by Psychologist Zena Sleima; Nutritional Health and Food, by Nutritionist Roxana Pérez; COVID Prevention and Lifestyle, by Dr. Carlos Lezama; Workout routine at home, by Personal Trainer Daniela Martín; Program "We take care of your health", by the program director Mónica Guzmán and Master forms Farmatodo, directed by the pharmaceutical companies Leivy Sánchez and Mariana Villaroel.

The programming this year was oriented to comprehensive health care in the framework of the covid pandemic, with exclusively digital activities, showing an evident adaptation of the brand to the current context. The brand has the opportunity to connect patients and health professionals, maintaining empathy and promoting spaces that contribute to the education of its clients on the relevance of this issue, both for themselves and for the care of others.

To close the month of Health, this Friday, April 30, Farmatodo will be holding its first forum-chat "We take care of your health", in alliance with the Voluntary Dividend for the Community, to extend the scope of its social responsibility program, the which is focused on the prevention of hypertension and diabetes.

At Farmatodo, we are committed to the well-being of all Venezuelans. We will continue working with the dedication that has characterized us for more than 100 years to serve all of Venezuela.

To watch the Health Week videos and receive more information: and on the networks @farmatodo (Twitter), farmatodovzla (Instagram) and FarmatodoVenezuela (Facebook).  



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