PAN turns 60 and celebrates them with a new image

The precooked flour brand PAN has crossed borders and traveled the planet as a bridge that connects many with their country; and it has also adapted to other gastronomic cultures that have welcomed it to form part of their most typical preparations. It is currently present in more than 80 countries.

As part of the celebration of this 60th anniversary, the brand is renewed and presents the launch of its new logo, with a redesign that preserves the iconic elements of the brand and includes a new aesthetic to support its global growth.

Additionally, from the digital platform All In One PAN and the brand's social media accounts, a series of actions will be promoted that will be presented this December and that will define the new image and narrative of the brand:

-        With you until the end of the world: a project of visual stories inspired by Venezuela, which seeks to review how PAN flour has traveled together with Venezuelans and has spread throughout the world.

- Eloísa Maturén will play the Dance-flour: The Venezuelan actress, dancer and producer will pay tribute with an intimate video that the brand will share on its social networks and in other media.

- In the iconic Times Square in New York, four giant screens will project an audiovisual piece in the framework of the 60th anniversary, a historical milestone that will mark the expansion of the arepa and the brand.

- The platform PAN Music It will be another of the global initiatives prepared for the anniversary celebration, with a collaboration between Latin music stars, who will pay tribute to Venezuela and the arepa. This musical space will be made up of a wide variety of genres: Pop, salsa, hip-hop and reggaeton, among others.

PAN extends an invitation to follow the brand's initiatives through its accounts @allofpan, @panvenezuela, @pan_us, @pan_espana, @harinapancolombia and @panfoodbusiness.