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"The School of Taste" will have 100 seats

Committed to its consumers and communities, Nestlé Venezuela brings the School of Flavor to the digital world to continue promoting culinary entrepreneurship. The program migrates to the online format thanks to the strategic alliance with Fundación Telefónica Movistar, who will provide all the support from its virtual learning classrooms. The Culinary Institute Chef Campus will guide the training in cooking techniques through the preparation of recipes.

"The School of Flavor" will have 100 places, to access them consumers must register in the links provided in the social networks of @NestleContigo, @fundaciontef_ve and @ChefCampusVzla; Interested parties must complete the online form and will receive confirmation of their participation by email.

During seven weeks, the selected participants will delve into topics related to nutrition, health, well-being, cooking techniques, personal branding, social networks, legal advice, and preparation of recipes with Nestlé products; like Savoy® Chocolate Bread with Cocoa Powder.

The workshops will last 60 minutes each, and will train participants in the preparation and consumption of quality food, promoting a healthy lifestyle and promoting the growth and development of culinary initiatives.

Those who participate will be able to have greater knowledge about how to create a successful venture, how to include functional elements for health in their recipes and well-being in the pastry shop, as well as learn about sourdoughs, preferments and culinary and nutritional techniques for their desserts. . Lamking Gonzalez, Manager of Creation of Shared Value at Nestlé Venezuela explains “The School of Flavor promotes the consolidation of culinary ventures, as well as the promotion of a healthy lifestyle for the participants, also offering advice and support.

Those who participate will be able to have greater knowledge about how to build a successful business; in addition to receiving information of interest to promote sustainable businesses, under the legal framework necessary for their businesses "

For her part, Ana Mancera, general manager of Fundación Telefónica Movistar, explains that this activity, framed within the Strategic Axis of Employability of the foundation, seeks to contribute to improving the capacities and competencies that a culinary entrepreneur needs to make their business sustainable. “This alliance with Nestlé Venezuela is part of our commitment to contribute to the training of young people and adults in the country, making available tools that allow them to enter the labor market, not only to learn a trade, but to develop best practices when undertaking. For us, it is a priority to promote the training of new generations of professionals through the use of technology and our network of Movistar digital rooms, which constitutes a connectivity platform to give continuity to distance learning adapted to the new normality ”.

Miguel Fernández, Teaching Director of Chef Campus, states, “Chef Campus de Venezuela is an institution dedicated to teaching and developing content and methodology for training in gastronomy tools and techniques. This union between Chef Campus, Fundación Telefónica Movistar and Nestlé will guarantee that the online training of our 'School of Flavor' has the elements for meaningful and productive learning in each of the entrepreneurs who decide to join us ”.

We grow with you

The School of Taste, one of Nestlé Venezuela's pioneering programs for the Creation of Shared Value, has graduated more than 1.300 entrepreneurs in 10 states of the country (25 locations) during the 2013-2017 period. In 2018, it was determined that 58,3% of the graduates of Escuela del Sabor in the last three years are active in their businesses. In 2019, the Special Edition of the School of Flavor was carried out for relatives of Nestlé employees in Caracas. And today in 2020, innovation led them to recreate the activity digitally, in alliance with Chef Campus and Fundación Telefónica to continue offering valuable tools and content to stakeholders located throughout the national territory.


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