En Marcha Digital is a course designed for small entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs Center of the BOD Foundation opened registrations for small entrepreneurs who wish to train in the En Marcha Digital program, a free online course developed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which provides tools to transform business models and drive their growth. 

For small entrepreneurs who have seen their sales decrease in recent months due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the Venezuelan economic environment; for those who in recent months have found it more difficult to attract new customers or keep the ones they had; For those who are unfamiliar with digital marketing and e-commerce trends, or simply for those who have trouble separating personal and business accounts and want tools to overcome all of this, the En Marcha Digital program may be a solution. 

The En Marcha Digital program has a one hundred percent virtual methodology in which participants will have access to training, personalized virtual technical assistance, access to materials with content on different business development topics and more than 50 tools that allow companies to adapt from a better way to the new market conditions with the arrival of Covid-19. 

For two months, the technical staff of the BOD Foundation, certified by UNDP Venezuela, will offer participants training and advice in the areas of marketing, finance, use of technological platforms, cleaning and security, administrative management, gender equality, good environmental practices, among other topics, review a press release from the financial institution.

In addition, at the end of the training process, participants will receive a certificate endorsed by UNDP. With the development of this BOD initiative, Banco Universal is the first private banking entity that has supported the development of this UNDP program in the region.

In this first edition, the quota will be limited and up to 30 micro-enterprises selected by the BOD Foundation may participate. Participants must meet some requirements, such as having a work team of less than 10 people; develop an economic activity in the areas of commerce, production and services; and have an active work record of at least one year. 

People who sign up must be willing to adapt their business model to the new market reality, have access to basic technological resources such as internet, smartphone or computer, and availability of at least two hours a week to participate in sessions training and consulting.

Interested micro-entrepreneurs can expand all the details and complete their registration to participate in the program #EnMarchaDigital on the website https://fundacionbod.com.ve/ More details can also be obtained from the official accounts of Twitter @FundacionBOD e Instagram @fundacionbodas well as the page facebook.com/Fundacionbod.



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