Banco Nacional de Crédito establishes an alliance with Shasta Technologies

Banco Nacional de Crédito has established a business alliance with the technology company SHASTA TECHNOLOGIES, to offer its clients an innovation aimed at facilitating financial mobility through the SHASTA mobile application.

This application is intended to make payments and transfers nationally and internationally. SHASTA App, is already 100% operational in the country, to send, request and receive currencies, both in dollars and euros, between Venezuela and Europe, easily and safely, for those who have a BNC Account in foreign currency.

With this initiative, the BNC and SHASTA intend to promote a financial solution that operates efficiently and with reasonable costs, which can be used by their clients, from anywhere in the world, to send remittances and manage their personal finances abroad.

The BNC understands that digital services in banking are constantly evolving, and have become one of the main ways in which clients can carry out their multi-currency financial operations with agility and security. That is why, as a result of this agreement, BNC makes a new technological tool available to its clients that meets the key needs of resource mobilization, through functionalities that allow transactions between all of Europe and Venezuela.

Always attentive to seeking innovative solutions to support its clients wherever they are, and facilitate their banking operations, the BNC has entered into this strategic alliance adapted to globalization.

BNC and SHASTA App, the easiest and safest way to transfer between Venezuela and Europe.

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