Movistar strengthens its digital service ecosystem

Aware of the challenge posed by digital transformation and its impact on customer service areas, Movistar maintains its commitment to the digitization of its support and customer service channels to optimize and manage requirements remotely.

Digital media not only offer security to clients and collaborators, but also improve times and processes, as stated by Enrique Nuñez, general manager of Digital Attention of the company.

“At Movistar we are leaders in innovation and we take the route of digitization to continue supporting our clients, offering them new ways to manage any operation or query online. To do this, we have carried out a major restructuring, increasing our service staff by 150% and executing reskilling of our executives dedicated to face-to-face management to strengthen online and telephone channels ”, he specified.

At this time, the company manages an average of more than XNUMX monthly transactions through online and telephone channels, a volume greater than the capacity of face-to-face service. "Nothing else in social networks shows an increase of XNUMX% in the number of contacts, we are managing to provide attention to a greater number of users," said the General Manager of Digital Attention of Movistar.

Currently, customers have a service ecosystem available to provide support on services and resolution of doubts that do not require physical mobilization. This ecosystem is made up of the chat on the Movistar website, the Movistar VE ATC accounts on Fabebook and @AyudaMovistarVE on Twitter, as well as the call center.

They also have self-management channels that allow them to carry out transactions that are part of the main reasons for contact or customer needs. Through the Mi Movistar APP or its web version, users can, for example, consult their account, recharge and transfer balance, pay their invoice, file complaints due to service failure, purchase of packages and extradata, among other requests. For payment operations they have online banking and for disconnection due to theft with 811. These tools also have an online support channel.

For those transactions that require face-to-face attention, such as the acquisition or replacement of Usim / chip, and change of equipment, the telecommunications company guarantees greater coverage of the national territory through its network of more than 600 commercial allies (Authorized Agents or Agents Comprehensive Service) that have mostly incorporated the delivery service.

"We are providing multi-channel solutions that offer greater convenience to our customers and that is precisely what digital service channels represent," Núñez said.

Movistar continues to be connected with its clients through the strengthening of its digital service media, which offer users a range of options to manage their requirements nationwide, no matter where they are, from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am at 4:00 pm

About Telefónica Venezuela

At Telefónica Venezuela we are committed to the development of the country and a relationship of trust and transparency with customers. Our efforts are focused on maintaining operations and guaranteeing a quality service, to offer the best digital experience through technology.

We are leaders in the smartphone market. We manage more than 9 million accesses, distributed in Mobile, Landline, Mobile Internet and Satellite Television. More than 60% of the mobile Internet traffic of the national territory circulates through our networks.
We promote initiatives that allow social innovation and responsible digital inclusion, through growth and training programs for communities.

About Telefónica

Telefónica is a company sensitive to the new challenges demanded by today's society. From its consolidated position in this sector, we offer the means to facilitate communication between people, providing them with the safest and most advanced technology, so that they can live better and achieve what they set out to do.

With an average of 121.853 employees, Telefónica operates in 16 countries with an immense technological potential that multiplies the ability to choose from its more than 346 million customers. It has 270,8 million mobile phone accesses; more than 22 million data and Internet accesses and 8,8 million pay television accesses.

Telefónica is a company that has more than 1,3 million shareholders and is listed on several of the main stock markets in the world.

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