Movistar organizes a meeting for women entrepreneurs

Movistar Empresas together with Wayra Hispam and Telefónica Open Future will hold a meeting for women entrepreneurs from all over Latin America on November 19. The meeting will be attended by founders of startups and seeks to bring the community together and respond to the concerns of the participants.

This event was born in Argentina in 2020 as a space created with the aim of telling real stories of women entrepreneurs who have managed to carry out their businesses by overcoming gender barriers. This year's conference will be divided into three workshops led by the founders of the startups Rebus, Nubimetrics and Quantico, which will be open and free, designed from theory and practice and aimed at women entrepreneurs with the aim of providing training and updating in digital marketing:

  • Workshop 1: Boost your sales: improve your e-commerce strategy (11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.).

In this workshop, Juliana Vital, CRO at Nubimetrics, will teach how to make use of data analytics in purchase, attraction, conversion and post-sale. The talk will aim to summarize the importance of the use of information on the path to business sustainability.

  • Workshop 2: Boost your purpose: build your brand identity (ikigai) (16:00 p.m. to 17:00 p.m.).

Through purpose building, brand identity is built. Juliana Villalba Torres, Ceo and Co Founder at Rebus will take a tour of how she built her path. She will be accompanied by Virginia Borrajo, Head of HR Talent at Estudio Locht, who will guide the entrepreneurs in the use of the ikigai tool to find their identity and purpose.

  • Workshop 3: Boost your social networks: guide to get your brand off the ground (17:15 to 18:15).

Paula Staurini, Marketing Executive at Quantico Trends, will present useful practices for a brand to achieve the social media presence that every entrepreneur seeks.

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