Mercado Envíos: a logistics solution for e-commerce sellers

The e-commerce portal launches Mercado Envíos, a service that simplifies the logistics of all the platform's sellers, by supporting them during the preparation of shipments, creation of guides, sale information and buyer data.

Mercado Envíos will also benefit portal buyers by offering them the ability to track their orders in real time, improving the shopping experience. This logistics solution allows the seller to offer free shipping through an easy and reliable process that in turn improves their exposure by locating their publications in a filter of free shipping.

The procedure for completing deliveries comprises three steps: when the seller or the Official Store makes a sale, the buyer will receive a link by courier and will select the shipping company of their choice. Once the payment details have been received, the seller will only have to print the guide, stick it to the package and take it to the shipping agency.

With Mercado Envíos, processes are optimized, representing a benefit in time and logistics for small, medium and large sellers.

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