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In the Bank of Venezuela you can request points of sale online

Those interested can make the request by filling out a form through the portal web

The Bank of Venezuela (BDV) announced that from its website, natural and legal persons may request points of sale.

From www.bancodevenezuela.com, the BDV made available a digital form through which applicants for the point of sale must register their data and then be contacted by a business advisor, refers to the press release of the banking institution.

This form will also be shared by the digital channels through which the public banking entity maintains contact with its clients and users, such as social networks and email, Banco de Venezuela reported in a press release.

Once contacted by the BDV business advisers, the interested party will receive support in the process of acquiring the equipment of their choice in a wide range of models.


  1. I want to be able to have my point of sale since I am starting with a cake and empanadas stand and many customers are lost for not having it thanks 04241408485

  2. Good morning, as soon as the point of sale comes out and how can I pay since I am a client of the Venezuelan bank

  3. Good morning, I am interested in a point of sale since I have a delicatessen and pastry business and I urgently need a point of sale and I am also a client of the Venezuelan bank.

  4. Best regards, I started a personal business and I want the possibility of obtaining a point of sale for a natural person. Which are the requirements. Thank you

  5. good morning God our lord JESUS ​​CHRIST bless you always. I am an adult with a disability but with many desires to be productive, what would be the requirements to acquire this point of sale.

  6. I am interested in the point of sale of the bank of Venezuela, I am already a merchant and client of the bank of Venezuela

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