From touch to touch, the possible evolution of cell phones


Technology has rapidly closed gaps in our daily lives by simplifying countless activities. Today it is difficult to conceive of our day to day without our smart phone not only to communicate, but to entertain ourselves and carry out all kinds of transactions. However, in search of greater practicality and versatile convenience, it seems that this device will soon have its days numbered.

While the first smartphone appeared in 1993, it wasn't until 2006 when Apple released its iPhone that a universe of possibilities would open up for us. Since then, countless activities have been provided to us, linking them to our cell phone that it is impossible to conceive of life without this device. Although some accuse this relationship as technological dependence, rejecting its use disconnects us from the connectivity of our world and all its benefits.

A universe of goodness

Among its many functionalities, entertainment is perhaps the one that has motivated its use the most. Through applications and data relay technology, better known as streaming, it becomes possible to make video calls, watch movies and series, play video games, and even play games. As a casino player you will get in shape online courses without the need to download data to our equipment, as long as we maintain a stable internet connection. Something that has been possible thanks to the most powerful wireless networks such as 5G and the global reach that they are having even in the most isolated places of our planet.

Another functionality, from the most practical point of view, is the possibility of carrying out all kinds of transactions with the cell phone without the need to carry money or a bank card. This has made these operations more convenient and even secure, thanks to features such as biometric scanning to validate your approval. From making utility payments, collecting and receiving fees and even making bets online courses live during matches, they become possible in a matter of moments. This has saved many of their valuable time, and can be put to more profitable and useful use. Otherwise it would be devoted to the exhausting ranks of the banks.

With so many benefits it is difficult to think of a substitute for cell phones. But, just as they came to make our existence more bearable, another invention will be about to take its place with even greater benefits.

A smarter second skin

Among the most ambitious proposals, billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates through his foundation is working on the creation of a electronic tattoo temporary that fulfills the same functions of our devices. This technology initially planned for medical and sports purposes, would collect data on the vital signs of its users in a less invasive way, using sensors and trackers together with a special ink as an electrical conductor.

Gates' vision is to be able to go further with this tattoo and allow the sending of messages, calls and even looking for directions in the same way that we would do with any smartphone. If this technology becomes viable and widespread, it would greatly reduce the ecological and even energy costs, since it will be our own bioenergy that nourishes this innovative device.

Although a technological change of this magnitude will take time to take place, there is no doubt that it will continue to add benefits to what has already been achieved, connecting us even more in depth, but at the same time, giving us more space to continue adding value to our time.



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