Age of digital dating: what you need to know

The way of dating has changed over time and today the digital age has caused traditional ways to be displaced by online alternatives. These can bring many advantages to singles looking for love, learn everything you need to know below.

The rise of online dating in the XNUMXst century

In the XNUMXst century, technology has been the protagonist, especially when it comes to relationships. We keep in touch through messaging apps, we know about our friends through social networks, we know what is happening in the world through the internet, we measure affection through actions such as reposts and “likes”, etc. Technology has become key in everything that refers to contact with others and human interactions both with friends, family, work and especially in love, where online dating is the protagonist.

More than a third of today's couples have started online and statistics show that the favorite way to date is not through arrangements by friends or family, but through the web. There are many dating sites available, which are specially designed so that singles who are interested in getting love will find it without problems. Since the first appearance of one of these platforms in the 90's, its use has only increased, especially in the last year where it is estimated that it was 25%.

How did online technologies change the dating dynamic for members of the LGBTQ community?

Dating can be difficult for the gay community and for gay men young gay dating one of the favorite ways is through dating apps and websites. This is because, although the prejudices with this community are currently much lower, they still exist and this hinders the possibilities they have to find someone to go out with. Therefore, when approximately 40% of heterosexual couples meet online in homosexual relationships, the number increases, reaching 60%.

On the other hand, they expand the contact options, since, being a minority, it is more difficult to find someone with the same interests and the fear of being judged or suffering from any type of abuse can make it even more difficult. Because of this, technology has been part of a lifesaver for gay men looking for a mate, allowing them to surround themselves with others with like-minded tastes in a safe, discreet and diverse environment. Although some apps like WeChat close accounts for members of the LGBTQ community, there are many more that offer inclusive services and dating platforms have their own tools for instant messaging and chats that can be very successful.

Can Online Dating Replace Meeting A Person In Real Life?

Technology advances more and more and along with it are online dating, when before it was only messaging, now video chats are a popular alternative that allows face-to-face meetings in the distance and other options such as augmented reality that are foresees they will be one of the great changes in online dating, allowing the sharing of virtual spaces and even sensory experiences. However, intimacy and in-person contact is essential and cannot be replaced by online alternatives that, although they are very beneficial in excess it can be harmful.



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