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Cryptocurrencies: These new currencies are convincing!

The year 2021 was very successful for the cryptocurrency market. The beginning of the year was quite bumpy, but in the summer some cryptocurrencies were able to recover and post a corresponding price increase. In general, the results of the year were very satisfactory. It is no wonder that cryptocurrencies are also becoming more and more popular in online casinos. Meanwhile, there are also some casinos with Binance Coin where you can play for digital money. Now, of course, many users are wondering what new coins will be convincing now.

4 cryptocurrencies to consider

As with all cryptocurrencies, investing in new coins always involves some risk, but that is nothing new in the cryptocurrency market. However, it is also a fact that not only private but also institutional investors are betting more and more on cryptocurrencies. The main reason is undoubtedly that they want to optimally diversify assets and at the same time expect above-average returns.

Crypto No. 1: Lucky Block

Thanks to the rapid development of the digital world, the popularity of online gambling is constantly increasing. Online casinos are experiencing an unprecedented boom. However, the house arrest, or as it was also called, the closure, which resulted from the Corona pandemic also had a certain influence on the really fast subsequent development and great popularity of online casinos. It is not to be expected that the boom will suddenly die down, which is why crypto enthusiasts have developed a new project. This project is based on blockchain technology in the gaming industry. We are talking about the Lucky Block project.

The goal is to conduct lotteries securely and transparently through the decentralized blockchain. Since everything is automated here, an increasing number of draws can be assumed. At the same time, this will increase the chances of winning for users. The presale of the crypto project was extended until the end of January 2022, at which time the coin could be purchased for USD 0,00015. It only took a few days and the coin had already increased tenfold in value after its launch on Pancakeswap.

Crypto No.2: Solana Coin

As the cryptocurrency market has consolidated, the acceptance of smart contracts has grown at the same time. These are the so-called decentralized applications (DApps). Most of them currently run on the Ethereum blockchain. Due to the increasing use of DeFi applications, the competition is constantly growing as well.

Although Ethereum is going to receive an ETH 2.0 update, it is not at all clear that it will solve the problems, among which are the high commissions and the low number of transactions per second. Unlike Ethereum, the Solana blockchain is based on a different concept. What is meant here is Proof of History. This allows managing more than 65.000 transactions per second. Also, the fees of $0,0015 per transaction are absolutely negligible.

Recently, the investment company Grayscale has specifically launched a Solana investment fund. Institutional investors have the opportunity to invest here. However, there were strong corrections at the end of the year. The share price was well above $200, but then crashed below $150. But the price corrected around 15%. A consolidation later in the year is very likely to provide a further move higher. Major exchanges also list the coin, which of course makes it easy to buy.

Crypto No. 3: Decentraland Coin

Since the Metaverse is currently on everyone's lips, the new cryptocurrency is benefiting from this trend. The term metaverse was born a few decades ago, but the notorious change of name from Facebook to meta has changed a lot. This caused more and more investors to see the opportunities of digital transformation in terms of the virtual metaverse. If the metaverse really lives up to the developer's claims, it would be entirely possible to make a disproportionate profit, provided you invest here from the start. Metaverse coins could well experience a price rally. One of the best known crypto projects is probably Decentraland.

Decentraland runs on the Ethereum blockchain. With the help of digital currencies, users can create their own virtual world. The development of this game was already very promising in 2021, since it enjoyed a return of close to 4000% in just one year. The prices of virtual land and real estate have also skyrocketed. The last time Decentraland Land was sold it was for a million dollars.

Crypto No. 4: Crypto.com

More and more artists are launching NFTs and the market for non-fungible tokens is growing rapidly. It can probably be assumed that LNTs will revolutionize the art and merchandising market in the coming years. Meanwhile, fans have wanted to buy more and more virtual items, and at the same time, more and more companies are adapting NFTs. At the moment, NFTs are still predominantly for digital art enthusiasts, but it looks like they're not far from becoming mainstream.

In this regard, just take a quick look at the sporting goods manufacturer Nike, which has already filed the first patent application on NFTs in 2019. Recently, more patent applications have been filed. This is virtual clothing. Therefore, it is very likely that Nike will launch NFTs soon as well. The more popular NFTs become, the more apparent it becomes that customers will need an intermediary to buy them. The popular online trading platform Crypto.com also offers NFTs alongside cryptocurrencies. Since the intuitive trading platform enjoys great popularity, it is constantly growing. Sooner or later, the native Crypto.com token will also benefit from this.

Cryptocurrency in 2022

The year 2022 could be difficult for global financial markets. At the same time, however, analysts and experts expect oil prices to most cryptocurrencies keep going up and also those of the stock market. This is because increases in the economy of interest rates by the United States Federal Reserve are already discounted. In addition, it can be assumed that the digital transformation will continue. This will also be accompanied by the creation of cryptocurrencies. However, it cannot be predicted with certainty which cryptocurrency will explode. But the cryptocurrencies featured here definitely offer sustainable price potential.